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Manchester: European City Of Science 2016

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Today's MEN.

Manchester becomes European City of Science

Jun 27, 2014 14:10
By Alex Bell

The city was officially named as the European City of Science at a ceremony held in Copenhagen, Denmark

Dame Nancy Rothwell

Manchester has been named as the European City of Science.

The badge of honour will be held for two years as the city builds towards hosting Europe's largest general scientific conference, ESOF - the EuroScience Open Forum – in the summer of 2016.

The event is expected to bring 4,500 delegates to Manchester, while pumping £8.3m into the economy.

Attendees will include global scientific and technology leaders.

Speaking at a handover ceremony held yesterday in Copenhagen, Manchester Lord Mayor Susan Cooley, said: “We’re thrilled that Manchester is now recognised as the European City of Science and will be pulling out all stops to build on the incredible effort that has made ESOF 2014 such a huge success here in Denmark.

“Manchester has a long and proud association with scientific achievement from the work of John Dalton on atomic theory to the first programmable computer and the recent discovery of the advanced material, Graphene.

“And with Manchester presently making significant progress across numerous exciting areas of discovery including artificial intelligence, smart textiles, and acoustics technology, there has never been a better time for the city to be recognised in this way.”

ESOF just completed its 2014 programme in the city of Copenhagen.

It is a biennial, pan-European convention that is dedicated to scientific research and innovation.

Klaus Bock, ESOF Champion for 2014, said: “ESOF has without doubt become an event that puts the very best of science on the global agenda.

"One of the truly great successes of ESOF2014 was the very active involvement of so many students and young scientists through initiatives like the European Student Parliament and the Future Academy and that has contributed to a wonderful atmosphere during the event.

“The quality of the scientific debates and presentations has been fantastic and Manchester has a lot to live up to; however, with such a rich scientific history we are certain that the city will deliver a brilliant event in 2016.”

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, ESOF Champion for 2016, said: “We are very much looking forward to welcoming Europe’s greatest scientific gathering. This will bring to Manchester outstanding scientists and technology business leaders from all over the world and will open our doors to those at the very first stages of a scientific career.

“The University of Manchester is proud if it’s scientific heritage but ESOF will help us to look to the future and the ways in which breakthroughs in research can revolutionise the economy and make a real impact on the challenges facing our society.”
Manchester will be European City of Science in 2016
The ESOF Supervisory Board and EuroScience have announced that the next EuroScience Open Forum will be in Manchester, UK from the 22nd until the 27th July 2016.
The theme of the 2016 Forum will be breakthroughs in science and the conditions needed for a city to capitalise on scientific knowledge: from education through to investment in science.
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