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Manchester Ice Bowl - Hillkirk Street, Holt Town/Sportcity

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Manchester Ice Dome - Hillkirk Street, Holt Town/Sportcity

Any more news on this? I can't find anything from 2017...
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Theres a lot of politics in this one. In my opinion, this rink was always unlikely to come good. Phoenix got backed into a corner following a two way squabble with their previous rink management and went after a project they never had resources to complete in the time they required it. They ended up playing in Deeside for a year, then Blackpool for half a season and naturally couldn't sustain the crowds needed for where they were and ended up calling it a day in Jan.

Surely there's room for a Manchester Ice Rink SOMEWHERE around Sportcity? Perhaps that would attract a new team...
It doesn't need a new team. There is already an EIHL team and junior setup in a poor standard rink that was always supposed to be temporary in Altrincham. It is no long term solution for the club - especially with the way the altair plans are now set out - and the opportunity may come up for Storm to relocate further down the line to sportscity. There has been talk of this recently, although it is rather speculative.
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