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In addition to the test tram shots in my previous post I took quite a few general views along the route of the outer end of the Airport Line today during my search for the trams.

Now the fences are down things are looking quite good although there is stilla lot of detail to attend to.

Hollyhedge Road Martinscroft.

P1070385 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070389 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070390 by sghyde, on Flickr

Hollyhedge Road towards Benchill

P1070409 by sghyde, on Flickr

The junction with Brownley Road with the changes in levels obvious.

P1070415 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070424 by sghyde, on Flickr


P1070426 by sghyde, on Flickr

Brownley Road approaching Crossacres

P1070436 by sghyde, on Flickr


P1070438 by sghyde, on Flickr

Brownley Road Poundswick Lane

P1070443 by sghyde, on Flickr

I'm rather surprised there isn't some form of control on the exit from the Fire Station onto Poundswick Lane.

P1070442 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070450 by sghyde, on Flickr

Wythenshawe Town Centre area

P1070456 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070462 by sghyde, on Flickr

Tramstop and Interchange

P1070467 by sghyde, on Flickr


P1070479 by sghyde, on Flickr

Anyone know what's going here near the crossover.

P1070481 by sghyde, on Flickr

Robinswood Road inbound

P1070493 by sghyde, on Flickr

Simonsway towards Peel Hall

P1070508 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070512 by sghyde, on Flickr

Peel Hall

P1070520 by sghyde, on Flickr

Shadowmoss Road

P1070528 by sghyde, on Flickr

Shadowmoss which is rather hidden away behind a lot of scrub.

P1070543 by sghyde, on Flickr

The junction with Ringway Road.

P1070552 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070562 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070564 by sghyde, on Flickr

Ringway Road

P1070587 by sghyde, on Flickr

I even took a couple of aircraft shots to make up for the lack of trams. Only one reproduced here.

P1070592 by sghyde, on Flickr

The underpass from Aviator Way

P1070595 by sghyde, on Flickr

and from platform 3

P1070612 by sghyde, on Flickr

A final tram shot to complete the set.

P1070622 by sghyde, on Flickr

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The expansion of the Metrolink really is a massive Civil engineering programme and certainly a game changer for Manchester, as we know work also well under way with the second city crossing, and the Trafford Centre line (and possibly Port Salford) now seriously on the radar, exciting times indeed.

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ETFE sheeting is going up on the roof at Manchester Victoria Station. All photos are courtesy of and (C) of js1000.

It's official! First piece of cling film (ETFE sorry) is up. Just happened to be in the area so I snapped a few photos - apologies for quality and my dreadful photography skills. A lot of the workers nosying a look, no doubt keen to understand how to assemble. Also another roof beam is being assembled (look close to complete to me) in the compound near Corporation Street.

P.S. to keep up-to-date with the smaller events in Manchester that are transport related, check out the dedicated forum!:

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I don't really posts picture on here but here some picture that I took yesterday of work going on at Victoria station and at Deansgate-Castlefield.

New crossover at Deansgate-Castlefield stop.

New platform at Deansgate-Castlefield which made way for old inbound platform.

Posted about transformation Deansgate-Castlefield stop.

Move over to Victoria where EPTC plastic have started putting on new roof.

Work continued rebuild new line at Victoria.

Work also continued rebuild Victoria tram stop.


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Electrification works outside Victoria station, taken from Manchester subforum:

Went to Vic today, and, thanks to my luck, they were fitting registration arms whilst I was there (I think :lol:):


P.S. if you're reading, thanks to the guy who didn't stop me from taking my photos. Ta. :cheers:
Plus 2CC crossing:

Prompted by Metro_Man and a visit to Victoria this morning I took one or two shots of the new MPT compound between Balloon Street and Withy Grove.

P1040851 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1040852 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1040856 by sghyde, on Flickr

Nothing awe inspiring but progress.
And Victoria station works itself:

In the course of work I was down at Victoria myself this morning for a site meeting and photo survey so I took the opportunity to record more progress.

Only two more buttresses left without ribs.

P1040859 by sghyde, on Flickr

Looking the other way towards Corporation Street we can see the top of the River Irk Culvert exposed.

P1040862 by sghyde, on Flickr

Also visible is the new independent bridge span created over the culvery to carry the track.

P1040910 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1040904 by sghyde, on Flickr

The ETFE panels were deflated again this morning

P1040863 by sghyde, on Flickr

but I know why I think. look here, they were installing the first ones on the roof itself. You can also see the temporary air feed pipework clearly in the shot.

P1040866 by sghyde, on Flickr

North of Cheetham Hill Road the connection for the single line close up.

P1040875 by sghyde, on Flickr

The location of the old crossover link to Network Rail.

P1040872 by sghyde, on Flickr
3009 approaches on a Bury Altrincham.

P1040878 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1040886 by sghyde, on Flickr

3043 and 3057 head off to Rochdale handing the token over in the process.

P1040888 by sghyde, on Flickr

3035 approaches the new span from the city.

P1040891 by sghyde, on Flickr

From the other side 3018 heads away to Rochdale.

P1040919 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1040922 by sghyde, on Flickr

The middle line and associated points.

P1040917 by sghyde, on Flickr

The span for the outbound and middle line.

P1040916 by sghyde, on Flickr

Look what passed through whilst I was on site. A Deltic hauling a Class 50 and a Class 37.

P1040913 by sghyde, on Flickr

Track for the middle line between the 2 platform walls.

P1040915 by sghyde, on Flickr

The inbound line and platform.

P1040911 by sghyde, on Flickr

A new view of the Mezzanine.

P1040932 by sghyde, on Flickr

The new Platform D face with 3053 passing outbound.

P1040943 by sghyde, on Flickr

A view from under the roof. One of the EFTE panels is just visible top right.

P1040950 by sghyde, on Flickr

By the time I was leaving more ETFE had been installed on the roof.

P1040951 by sghyde, on Flickr

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Around Northern Moor tram stop (Airport line):

Yes I'd like to know that as well metroclink. At the moment it is between 1400 - 2200, I think MPT have possession in the mornings.

I'm going to have a stab at an opening date prediction - 11 November!?

Here’s a few shots of testing to-day at Northern Moor. Signage at Hawkridge Drive crossing has been amplified just to be on the safe side :-

Preoccupied with the signage I almost missed the arrival of the banana! :-

And the descent of the banana - coming down from the motorway bridge :-

And back again up Ossington Walk :-

Up, up and away . . .


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Progress on Altrincham Interchange:

I nipped down this morning to take a few pictures, nothing particularly new, but here goes...

Most of the work on platform 2/3 appears finished

Platform 1 is still having work to the canopy carried out

The break through to the new steps is progressing - even on a Sunday morning, I like the stone columns and it appeared that they were preparing to lift the lintel into position.


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Here some of my picture that I took today of work going on at Manchester Victoria.

Looking at new roof at Manchester Victoria.

EPTE glass/plastic on roof at Victoria.

Aleast you can take picture here knowing tram wasn't knock you down.

Looking at work going on to rebuild Victoria tram stop.

Let have better look at that.

Is this going be new shop at Victoria station?

Work going on to rebuild Metrolink line through Victoria station.


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TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) have scooped awards in the UK...

06 October 2014

TfGM scoops national award for ‘outstanding performance’

TfGM at the National Transport Awards
Pictured (l-r) radio and television presenter and National Transport Awards host Jeremy Vine, Deputy Chair of TfGM Committee Cllr Mark Aldred, TfGM Chief Operating Officer Bob Morris, TfGM Chief Executive Dr Jon Lamonte, and Director of Local Transport Policy at the Department for Transport Graham Pendlebury.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has been singled out for praise at the prestigious National Transport Awards with a one-off special recognition award.

Chief Executive Dr Jon Lamonte picked up the ‘Judges Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Performance’ at a ceremony attended by over 600 senior transport professionals – including keynote speaker Transport Minister Claire Perry MP.

The award comes in the same week that TfGM gained the ‘Most Improved System’ prize for Metrolink at the Light Rail Awards, along with commendations for the Rochdale and Oldham town centre tram lines and specific engineering elements of the Airport line.

In making the National Transport Award, judges praised TfGM’s contribution to improving transport across Greater Manchester, highlighting record patronage, a reduction in road casualties and major landmark projects delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

The award also acknowledges progress in key policy areas including passenger satisfaction, value-for-money, rail devolution, high speed rail, sustainable travel and carbon reduction.

Dr Lamonte said: “The Outstanding Achievement category isn’t one that you can choose to enter, so it’s a particular honour that the judges have chosen to give this award to TfGM.

“I’m delighted at this national recognition of the hard work involved in delivering transport initiatives to improve the daily lives of local residents and the overall prosperity of the area.”

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, added: “It’s clear that Greater Manchester is playing an important role in driving national transport policy and leading the way in outstanding transport. This award sends a clear vote of confidence in our abilities and shows the whole country that we can be trusted to deliver.

“I congratulate staff at TfGM for their continuing hard work and enthusiasm to deliver improved public transport for Greater Manchester residents throughout the economic challenges of recent years.”

The judging panel was chaired by Professor David Begg, Chief Executive, Transport Times, and included Graham Pendlebury, Director for Local Transport, DfT, Andy Southern, Managing Director of Transport and Planning at Atkins, Anthony Smith, Chief Executive of Passenger Focus, Stephen Joseph OBE, Executive Director of the Campaign for Better Transport, and Louise Ellman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee.


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Sky look on new Manchester Victoria station:

Plus works at Deansgate-Castlefield stop:

Some daylight photos of Deansgate Castlefield today to complement j616s post last night.

P1070968 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070967 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070965 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1070964 by sghyde, on Flickr

The first glass roof panels have been installed at the west end of the island shelter.

P1070960 by sghyde, on Flickr

At first glance I thought that they were very dirty but on a closer inspection they have a leaf pattern etched into them.

P1070963 by sghyde, on Flickr

In the first photo you can just make a out a stillage on the platform with more glass ready for installation.
And Altrincham station:

Just a few from today down at Altrincham.

Both openings for the Platform 4 lift and staircase access have now been opened up.

Lift access

P1070957 by sghyde, on Flickr

Staircase access

P1070958 by sghyde, on Flickr

For the first time that I have noticed the entrance between Platform 1 and the bus station was clear and visible.

P1070955 by sghyde, on Flickr

Finally as one or two have mentioned the lift shafts are still unoccupied.

P1070956 by sghyde, on Flickr

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Metrolink works near Sale Water Park and Barlow Moor Road stops on Airport Line:

After five weeks away, walking the APL in the Valley and you expect everything to have changed. Some has, some hasn't...

Waterpark has two not three machines.

Finished kind of!

Then lo and behold we turn around and...

Note the taped on small tram signs on the bollards instead of no entry signs:

The "landscaping" is taking over already!

Two machines in and one out at Barlowmoor


And on return the PID caught a ghost tram. Expecting the one we saw earlier to return after 5 minutes the display went blank.

As an aside, anyone else having issues with Photobucket App and ios8? Every time I select an image tag the app then locks up. Grrrrrr. Better have it fixed for next month!

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Nice little update I did of the Southern section of the new Airport line

Airport Line Photo Update

Staring at Robinswood places are starting to look picturesque

IMG_4883 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Down Simonsway

IMG_4885 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The Autumn leaves starting to fall

IMG_4887 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4888 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Peel Hall in the autumn sun

IMG_4893 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Down Shadowmoss.. tis a bit foggy today

IMG_4894 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Down to Aviator way

IMG_4896 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4897 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The long straight

IMG_4901 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4902 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Portacabins gone.. you can now see the beauty that is Hilton Manchester Airport :bash:

IMG_4903 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Crash barrier

IMG_4904 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Lots of GMT readers at the airport

IMG_4905 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4906 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The End

IMG_4907 by Richardio123, on Flickr
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