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Also from Altrincham Interchange, old bridge is removing:

Well, as promised I headed down this morning at about 8:30 and timed it well, half the bridge was gone and I fluked seeing the second half being lifted out.

The crane

I couldn't get on the platform but a friendly man in an orange jacket took this for me...

From the footbridge where the level crossings were...

Then I nipped to Moss Lane bridge and fluked these...

Loading onto the wagon to take away...

And back to the footbridge for some 'after' shots...


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Here are some picture that I took today of ghost service running on new Airport line.

3081 tram running on Mauldeth Road West.

And into Barlow Moor Road stop it goes.

And off it goes to Sale Water Park.

Barlow Moor Road Metrolink stop

While I was taking them I notice PIDS said next one was due in three mins and three mins later that tram was coming on Hardy lane.

Surpriserly 3051 tram which isn't TMS tram running on Airport line.

As I was walking back to St Werburgh's Road 3085 tram were heading off to Airport.

Back at St Werburgh's Road and I just manager to get picture of 3082 before it set off onto Airport line.

PIDS mention Manchester Airport and Cornbrook at St Werburgh's Road.

While I was waiting for them trams I took picture of new map and here it is.

Airport line on Metrolink map.

And seven mins later 3077 were coming off Airport line and entering St Werburgh's Road stop.

Then mins later 3051 come back from Cornbrook and when back onto Airport line.


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I also took some picture of work going on at Deansgate-Castlefield stop and at Victoria stop and here they are.

Firstly Deansgate-Castlefield stop.

Work going on at Deansgate-Castlefield.

Quite like small lawn they put on track. :)

And off I go to St Werburgh's Road.

I think first day that 3089 tram was in service.

Picture of work going on at Victoria station.

I see they start rebuilding tracks under Cheetham Hill road bridge.

Nice to see Metrolink platform coming on nicely at Victoria.

Work going on to rebuild Metrolink line through Victoria.


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It's like the BBC World News compared to BBC News (UK) on here, so here's my post - adjusted for the international audience, of course.

I thought I'd go on a journey to Deansgate-Castlefield to see what was going on for myself.

There's not much change compared to ro2bapurdie pictures to be honest.

Firstly, though, new maps at Ashton:

DSCN0254 by pjm0512, on Flickr

DSCN0255 by pjm0512, on Flickr

I've wondered this before - did they have a sign spare? (Flash fired, sorry):

DSCN0257 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The sight of the now-gone Hetherington's Tea Rooms:

DSCN0258 by pjm0512, on Flickr

It's sad, but it's gone for good now :(:

DSCN0259 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Deansgate-Castlefield now.
I was very impressed with the size of the workforce on site:

New track is finished:

DSCN0260 by pjm0512, on Flickr

DSCN0261 by pjm0512, on Flickr

DSCN0262 by pjm0512, on Flickr

First time I've seen the 'dbl' icon:

DSCN0264 by pjm0512, on Flickr

A few rushed pictures now, as 3073 was pulling in, en-route to Ashton:

DSCN0265 by pjm0512, on Flickr

All looking very smart, and the majority of the glass panels installed on the island platform now:

DSCN0266 by pjm0512, on Flickr

DSCN0267 by pjm0512, on Flickr

And a few from my phone, as my camera's battery was 'exhausted' as it put it!

The ramp at the eastern-end of the island platform was being clad with the slate:

WP_20141027_001 by pjm0512, on Flickr

WP_20141027_002 by pjm0512, on Flickr

And just to finish off, the track works:

WP_20141027_003 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Also, forgot to mention that the substation on the outbound side is growing! It's a iron frame around the brick structure where that they're expanding.


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I completed my photo survey of the Airport Shadow Running today. There were certainly more trams around but still a few 24 minute gaps. I counted a total of 7 sets out of the 8 needed for full service but whether they were all out at the same time I couldn't say.

Starting at Moor Road where I snapped 3080.

DSC_5012 by sghyde, on Flickr

DSC_5013 by sghyde, on Flickr

Next Wythenshawe Park

DSC_5021 by sghyde, on Flickr

where 3065 appeared to be double manned with a second driver in the rear cab

DSC_5023 by sghyde, on Flickr

Hawkridge Drive crossing where 3066 appears inbound

DSC_5026 by sghyde, on Flickr

followed fairly quickly by 3080 outbound

DSC_5033 by sghyde, on Flickr

Now to Northern Moor

3062 drops down off the motorway bridge

DSC_5036 by sghyde, on Flickr

DSC_5040 by sghyde, on Flickr

3065 returning to Cornbrook

DSC_5048 by sghyde, on Flickr

crosses 3082 heading to the Airport

DSC_5053 by sghyde, on Flickr

At the M60 bridge at Fairy Lane I decided to keep out of sight after Johnny's little discussion with the boys in blue.

DSC_5059 by sghyde, on Flickr

DSC_5062 by sghyde, on Flickr

On now to Sale Water Park

where just as I walked across from Old Hall Road I spotted 3062 passing

P1080297 by sghyde, on Flickr

I'm not sure what Stagecoach were doing with this bus at the Park and Ride unless it was some from of route learning for replacement services.

P1080299 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080302 by sghyde, on Flickr

Anyway 3080 appears over the viaduct

P1080308 by sghyde, on Flickr

DSC_5065 by sghyde, on Flickr

and 3082 rounds the curve from the M60

P1080310 by sghyde, on Flickr

before climbing away towards Hardy Farm

P1080312 by sghyde, on Flickr

On Hardy Lane now

3076 appears at Barlow Moor Road

P1080315 by sghyde, on Flickr

running down Hardy Lane

DSC_5080 by sghyde, on Flickr

and onto the viaduct

P1080319 by sghyde, on Flickr

3065 inbound on Hardy Lane

DSC_5097 by sghyde, on Flickr

Barlow Moor Road now

3080 comes to a stand

P1080323 by sghyde, on Flickr

whipping up the dead leaves as it speeds along the median strip

P1080326 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080327 by sghyde, on Flickr

Now up at Mauldeth Road

3065 heads back to the Airport

P1080328 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080331 by sghyde, on Flickr

3062 crosses the road to approach the Airport Junction

DSC_5115 by sghyde, on Flickr

DSC_5119 by sghyde, on Flickr

Enough is enough now I guess.

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I completed my photo trip along the Airport Line during Shadow Running today and I noticed just how busy St Werburghs Road has become now. Once both lines go to 6 minute headways there will be trams all over :banana:

From Mauldeth Road bridge

First an East Didsbury to Rochdale double crosses the junction.

P1080346 by sghyde, on Flickr

As it arrives in the platform an Airport to Cornbrook sets appears.

P1080347 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080348 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080351 by sghyde, on Flickr

About 12 minutes later after walking round to the stop.

An Airport set passes a Rochdale service

P1080352 by sghyde, on Flickr

then a Cornbrook set appears

P1080353 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080356 by sghyde, on Flickr

Note that both PIDs signs were displaying 3 lines of departures.

P1080358 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080359 by sghyde, on Flickr

another few minutes and an east Didsbury tram departs

P1080361 by sghyde, on Flickr

as it arrives at Withington an Airport to Cornbrook set appears and in the distance an East Didsbury to Rochdale set is leaving Withington.

P1080363 by sghyde, on Flickr

and behind me another Airport working arrives

P1080366 by sghyde, on Flickr

who gets the junction first?

P1080367 by sghyde, on Flickr

the Airport set

P1080370 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080371 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1080373 by sghyde, on Flickr

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More on new Airport line:

I decided to try out some night time photography, hopefully they look good.

IMG_4962 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4965 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The Robinswood road logo

IMG_4966 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The other side

IMG_4970 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Tram arriving

IMG_4972 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4977 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Accidental Macro

IMG_4978 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Tram at Peel Hall

IMG_4988 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The Peel Hall logo

IMG_4989 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4991 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_4993 by Richardio123, on Flickr

At Shadowmoss

IMG_4995 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Due to night time photography being extremely stressful here is a long exposure

IMG_5003 by Richardio123, on Flickr

and another

IMG_5007 by Richardio123, on Flickr

The crossing down to Woodhouse Park

IMG_5008 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Over at the Airport glass has appeared

IMG_5013 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_5014 by Richardio123, on Flickr

they've changed the big banner in the GTI

IMG_5016 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_5020 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_5021 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Tram at the Airport

IMG_5024 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Goodnight guys

IMG_5027 by Richardio123, on Flickr
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