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And to add to the occasion...

Special first tram to the Airport


In celebration of the launch into passenger service, a ‘special’ double tram service will depart the Cornbrook stop at 5am sharp on Monday. Customers and media are welcome to board this service.

The special double tram will arrive at the Manchester Airport stop circa 5.40am and will then become the very first in-service tram to depart the Airport stop at 5.49am.

Alternatively, a 300-space park and ride facility is available at the Sale Water Park stop, conveniently located just off Junction 6 of the M60 (postcode for sat-navs: M33 2LX). The special double tram service will arrive at the Sale Water Park stop at around 5.15am.

Please note that all future first services from Cornbrook on a Monday will be at 05:50.

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2CC progress:

So, I've been down to Manchester to see what's going on at the Second City Crossing and Victoria.

New MPT compound at St. Peter's Square:

St. Peter's Square 3 by pjm0512, on Flickr

St. Peter's Square 2 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Work on Albert Street:

2CC 1 by pjm0512, on Flickr

It's all well signposted for pavement diversions etc.:

2CC 2 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Massive compound has been put up. Tool/Equipment storage?:

2CC 3 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Another sign:

2CC 4 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Corporation Street:

2CC 7 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Lots of work:

2CC 10 by pjm0512, on Flickr

We're starting to get to the business end of things:

2CC 12 by pjm0512, on Flickr

2CC 13 by pjm0512, on Flickr


2CC 14 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Well, we all know what this means!:

2CC 15 by pjm0512, on Flickr

2CC 16 by pjm0512, on Flickr

2CC 17 by pjm0512, on Flickr


2CC 19 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Oh, a new render:

New Render by pjm0512, on Flickr


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So much going on again here in Manchester.

At Victoria the redevolpment and electrification works continue.

Now the final bits of the old roof structure have gone the interface between the Arena and the new roof can be seen. The louvres at the edge of the new roof are visible here.

P1040996 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050017 by sghyde, on Flickr

The old columns lie on the ground awaiting disposal.

P1040997 by sghyde, on Flickr

At the west end the OLE wires have finally arrived, even if it is only one run and is terminated before the station. They can just be seen ending at the mast in the centre of the photo.

P1040999 by sghyde, on Flickr

In this shot the old cab road that came up between Exchange Station platforms 4 and 5 can be seen to the left of the scissors crossovers.

P1050004 by sghyde, on Flickr

Back at Victoria the barrier gate line was being tiled. All the gate cabling seems to have been installed.

P1050006 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050007 by sghyde, on Flickr

Most of the paving is now in place on the inbound/turnback platform

P1050013 by sghyde, on Flickr

and we get an idea of what a tram looks like alongside it.

P1050016 by sghyde, on Flickr

The curve for the centre track awaits its rails.

P1050018 by sghyde, on Flickr

The cling film was deflated again today, but Paul Sidorczuk may rest happy that the hanging gardens are still in place.

P1050026 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050024 by sghyde, on Flickr

At Deansgate Castlefield the rebuilding to create a 3 track turnback layout proceeds at apace.

The new track for the inbound line is almost complete now.

P1050051 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050057 by sghyde, on Flickr

The shelter now haves petalled end to the glazing at the City end.

P1050055 by sghyde, on Flickr

And I think the roof glazing is now complete although my photos can't confirm that.

P1050056 by sghyde, on Flickr

The Stop Equipment Room is certainly going to be a large structure as it is expanded to take the additional equipment.

P1050053 by sghyde, on Flickr

Finally that green-grey slate veneer to the platform ramp is very distinctive.

P1050054 by sghyde, on Flickr

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Oh and trial running between Cornbrook and the Airport continues ahead of Monday's opening.

This sequence at Cornbrook shows Airport trams turning back there.

On arrival 3062 was waiting in the siding to return south.

P1050035 by sghyde, on Flickr

As confirmed by the PIDS.

P1050036 by sghyde, on Flickr

3040 and 3081 pass as it awaits its turn to leave.

P1050039 by sghyde, on Flickr

Still waiting as another pair pass.

P1050040 by sghyde, on Flickr

Arrival imminent.

P1050042 by sghyde, on Flickr

Finally here it is.

P1050043 by sghyde, on Flickr

two minutes later 3067 arrives from the Airport

P1050045 by sghyde, on Flickr

Now ready to leave the siding

P1050049 by sghyde, on Flickr

and return south

P1050050 by sghyde, on Flickr

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First time on the Trams in Wythenshawe

We start at the Airport where it was already very busy

IMG_5036 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_5039 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Of the Barlow Moor Road though :)

IMG_5037 by Richardio123, on Flickr

and out of the darkness

IMG_5042 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_5043 by Richardio123, on Flickr

It was very busy to begin with

IMG_5044 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Still said "Manchester Airport"

IMG_5045 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Announcement at the Airport

We then headed off to Shadowmoss

We Arrived at Shadowmoss

IMG_5046 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Then we got to Peel Hall

IMG_5047 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Then off to Wythenshawe Town Centre

and we arrived

IMG_5048 by Richardio123, on Flickr

after a nice journey we arrived at Barlow moor road

IMG_5056 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Then our tram arrived for the journey back

IMG_5058 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Hardy Lane

IMG_5061 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Over onto the Bridge

IMG_5062 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Over the Mersey

IMG_5065 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Over the M60

IMG_5071 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Down Hollyhedge road

Arrived back at Wythenshawe Town centre

IMG_5073 by Richardio123, on Flickr

IMG_5075 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Moor Passengers to Barlow Moor Road

IMG_5076 by Richardio123, on Flickr

To the Port

IMG_5078 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Finally at the Airport.. its still busy

IMG_5079 by Richardio123, on Flickr

Good Evening Guys

IMG_5081 by Richardio123, on Flickr

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Nothing at the moment to my knowledge I am afraid dimlys1994. It seems to have gone very quiet.
It is still an aspiration and was mentioned in the press this week as a proposed development. No dates or timeframe though.
Thanks anyway! Although no progress on station, airport line extension for me is fine.

OK, opening of extension is tomorrow and updated map:


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Short notice, taken from Railway Gazette:

During the opening ceremony, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced a devolution agreement with local authorities in the Greater Manchester region that could see Metrolink and other local transport come under the control of an elected mayor. This could accelerate the roll-out of Transport for Greater Manchester’s smart ticketing programme, and provide funding for a further light rail line to the Trafford Centre retail complex

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Pictures of new line from Manchester forumer d33206hg:

My ticket taken by Fred Collins
D33206hg in action by Fred Collins afloat and ashore, on Flickr

DSCF2769 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2799 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2797 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2802 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2820 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2850 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2863 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2886 by d33206hg, on Flickr
DSCF2892 by d33206hg, on Flickr

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As of today manchester has the largest tram system in the country!
For those who interested:

Manchester Metrolink - 92.5 km
Tyne & Wear Metro (light rail) - 74.5 km
Sheffield Supertram - 29 km
London Tramlink, Croydon - 28 km
Birmingham Midland Metro - 20.2 km
Blackpool Tramway - 17.7 km
Edinburgh Trams and Nottingham NET - both 14 km
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