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More of freel07 superb photos of the new Manchester Airport Metrolink Line, most of them Street running...

I thought I'd have another trip on the Airport Line this afternoon and try to fill some gaps in my photos of street running. Taking the tram up to Benchill and walking back to Martinscroft to cover Hollyhedge Road. Then tram to Sale Water Park and a walk through to Chorlton High School to do Hardy Lane and Mauldeth Road. I missed out the short section of Southmoor Road and also Moor Road as I had covered them on opening day.

Benchill, having deposited me 3063 departs for the Airport.

P1050067 by sghyde, on Flickr

On Hollyhedge Road

3068 in what I consider its natural environment, a streetscape.

P1050069 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050071 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050075 by sghyde, on Flickr

3069 outbound again mixing with road traffic.

P1050079 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050081 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050086 by sghyde, on Flickr

Still on Hollyhedge Road 3076 approaches Cornbrook bound.

P1050089 by sghyde, on Flickr

and joins the short queue at the traffic lights at Greenwood Road.

P1050094 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050097 by sghyde, on Flickr

3030 seems to be spending a few days away from the ATS equipped lines.

P1050098 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050102 by sghyde, on Flickr

Now over to the Sale Water Park to Mauldeth Road stretch. I wanted to try for a few shots at the Hardy Farm end of the viaduct now MPT's compound has almost gone.

3063 provided my transport once again and we see it climbing away over the viaduct.

P1050118 by sghyde, on Flickr

Now over across the fields towards Hardy Farm 3068 heads out over the viaduct.

P1050123 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050125 by sghyde, on Flickr

3069 approaches Hardy Farm

P1050126 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050128 by sghyde, on Flickr

Now Hardy Lane itself for a bit more street running.

3076 outbound as a car turns right across it.

P1050130 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050133 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050136 by sghyde, on Flickr

3030 returns to Cornbrook.

P1050137 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050139 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050144 by sghyde, on Flickr

Final shot on Hardy Lane 3063 heads south again.

P1050152 by sghyde, on Flickr

Mauldeth Road now.

3072 departs from Barlow Moor Road inbound.

P1050155 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050158 by sghyde, on Flickr

A rather poor attempt at a view of 3063 through the trees on Mauldeth Road. I lack Johnny's eye for an artistic shot.

P1050161 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050163 by sghyde, on Flickr

Standing opposite Chorlton High School where the line crosses Mauldeth Road .
3066 crosses Nell Lane

P1050169 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050170 by sghyde, on Flickr

and now crossing Mauldeth Road.

P1050174 by sghyde, on Flickr

3030 heads south once again

P1050177 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050179 by sghyde, on Flickr

P1050182 by sghyde, on Flickr

Great to see trams finally in the central reservation after all those years :banana:

Mission accomplished, sorry there were so many and the quality is a little lacking but I only had my old compact camera with me and it's a bit poor when the light is lacking.

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Official from TfGM:

Extended “Dutch-style” cycle lanes part of new plans for bus priority on Oxford Road
19 November 2014

Transport bosses have unveiled new plans to transform travel along Oxford Road, with a major bus priority corridor featuring Greater Manchester’s first ever Dutch-style cycle lanes.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and Manchester City Council have developed the plans for Oxford Road, which go hand-in-hand with the recently advertised bus priority changes for the city centre.

People can take a virtual journey along Oxford Road on a new 3D fly-through video and see what improvements are planned for bus users, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users at

The scheme – which will limit general traffic along sections of Oxford Road and include over 4km of segregated bus lanes – is part of a wider bus priority package that will significantly improve the quality, punctuality and reliability of bus services on 25 miles of key routes in Greater Manchester


Over 2,000 comments were received on the Oxford Road proposals during a major consultation that has helped shaped the scheme, alongside continuing discussions with stakeholders and properties fronting the route. Key changes include:
  • Opening up Oxford Road to general traffic overnight from 9pm until 6am, seven days a week. Outside these hours sections of Oxford Road will be available for use by buses, taxis (hackney cabs), emergency vehicles and cycles only.
  • Extensions to the ‘Dutch-style’ cycle lanes at two key locations along Oxford Road – alongside Whitworth Park and at the University Precinct opposite the Kilburn building.
  • Providing zebra crossing points at all bus stops where there are Dutch-style cycle lanes so that pedestrians can cross the cycle lanes safely.
  • Introducing service loops along Oxford Road to ensure that key facilities such as the hospitals, the universities and other businesses have the access they need.
  • Removing the proposed bus lane on Booth Street West in order to maintain two lanes for general traffic crossing Oxford Road


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Official from TfGM:

Heywood Local Link extended to cover gap left by 469 bus changes
21 November 2014

Transport bosses have stepped in to extend a Local Link service after commercial bus operators made changes to the 468 and 469 services.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has successfully negotiated so that the existing Heywood Local Link service will now run along Bury New Road to cover the section between the junctions with Sandy Lane and War Office Road.

The move follows calls from local residents and councillors after bus operators First and Rosso made commercial changes services to 468 and 469, leaving some areas without a bus route


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Here is my compilation of photos from the Airport Line (APL).

PART 1 - Cornbrook to Sale Water Park:

The tram seemed to have dropped off the PIDs until this point:

DSCN0353 by pjm0512, on Flickr


DSCN0357 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Trafford Depot:

DSCN0358 by pjm0512, on Flickr

There were 4 T-68/T-68As in the depot, but I missed the photo opportunity :doh:. The only fleet number I recorded was 2001:

DSCN0359 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The first port of call... Firswood:

DSCN0361 by pjm0512, on Flickr

I love this section, vanishing into the distance!:

DSCN0363 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Chorlton (should be Chorlton-cum-Hardy, but never mind):

DSCN0364 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Blurry shot of St. Werburgh's Road:

DSCN0367 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Enough of the South Manchester Line, we want the Airport Line!:

DSCN0368 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Ignore my ignorance, but we're going down Mauldeth Road West?:

DSCN0372 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Reminds me of Manchester Road (EML):

DSCN0374 by pjm0512, on Flickr

No Entry, 'ey?:

DSCN0375 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The Yellow, Concrete Tramway:

DSCN0376 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Love this shot; if only my hand wasn't in the way!:

DSCN0378 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Part 1 comes to a rather abrupt end at Sale Water Park, but there's more to follow!

DSCN0379 by pjm0512, on Flickr

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PART 2 - Sale Water Park to Wythenshawe Town Centre

We start-off travelling over the M60:

DSCN0382 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Wythenshawe Park:

DSCN0384 by pjm0512, on Flickr


DSCN0385 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The speed... it's just too much!:

DSCN0388 by pjm0512, on Flickr

I love the gaffer-tape at Moor Road:

DSCN0393 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The APL is like a rollercoaster:

DSCN0394 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Off into the distance that is Wythenshawe:

DSCN0397 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Yet another bridge, and another motorway, the M56:

DSCN0403 by pjm0512, on Flickr

DSCN0404 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Simonsway (sorry, again)?:

DSCN0405 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Wythenshawe Bus Station is really coming off the ground!:

DSCN0413 by pjm0512, on Flickr

And so Part 2 ends at Wythenshawe Town Centre:

DSCN0415 by pjm0512, on Flickr


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PART 3 - Wythenshawe Town Centre to Manchester Airport

The final leg of my journey is definitely the most interesting. Robinswood Road:

DSCN0419 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Peel Hall, slightly blurry:

DSCN0421 by pjm0512, on Flickr

And at Shadowmoss, I saw a plane!:

DSCN0425 by pjm0512, on Flickr

It was an Aer Lingus plane, but I don't know the model (then again, maybe a plane enthusiast looking down wouldn't know what tram model I was on!) :eek:hno::

DSCN0426 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Will we see a stop here one-day? Who knows?:

DSCN0429 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Coming along the corner at some speed! "What's a Pacer doing here?" asked a young boy, of about 8:

DSCN0433 by pjm0512, on Flickr

We're nearly there:

DSCN0435 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The end of the line, but only the start of a journey for some!:

DSCN0438 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Up, up, and away (on an escalator, of course)!:

DSCN0439 by pjm0512, on Flickr

The day I chose to come, the 'up' escalator wasn't working :bash::

DSCN0446 by pjm0512, on Flickr

First Trans-Pennine Express classes 350 and 185. Faster? Yes; but certainly not as interesting!:

DSCN0449 by pjm0512, on Flickr

Will the trams ever come through here? Well the provision has certainly been made...

DSCN0453 by pjm0512, on Flickr

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Official from TfGM:

Date set for Astley Street busway works
25 November 2014

The next stage of guided busway work in Tyldesley is set to start on Astley Street during the first week of December.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) made the announcement following confirmation that the work currently under way on Hough Lane will be complete by the end of November.

The preferred option for traffic management on Astley Street was agreed at a recent public meeting to discuss the busway, where local people agreed to a single lane closure – to maintain traffic flow – for 22 weeks.

An additional three-week full road closure will be necessary at a later date for essential United Utilities water main works. Balfour Beatty is reviewing the timing of this closure with a view to minimising disruption to the local community. All the works should be completed by June 2015


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One of Manchester forumers takes close look along route of the future Trafford Park line:

I thought I may as well have a look at the latest (#5) revision of the Trafford Park Line around Wharfside (now the nearest stop to Man United).

Starting off at Pomona, where it has always surprised me that this vast area of waterside pleasure close to the city has never been developed :-

The trunking for the Trafford Line turnout has been in place for a good 15 years, since the opening to Broadway in December 1999 (and what a ride that was!) :-

They are now in the middle of repainting the Pomona bridge and viaduct (slightly spoiling the underview of Manchester at the moment) :-

Westward Ho towards Trafford Road Bridge, the alignment will be in the bushes on the left :-

Passengers coming back to town might catch a glimp of the Eccles Line :-

Passing under Trafford Road on the old occupational rail alignment left of the railings, just made for the job in hand! :-

On the alignment itself, Sam Platt’s pub looms in the distance ahead :-

Looking back to Trafford Road :-

Approaching Sam Platt’s, which has unfortunately remained derelict for a few years :-

Perhaps it will have to be demolished to make way? :-

The plan is a bit ambiguous on detail in places - it now looks as though Wharfside stop will be mainly or entirely in the road, but there is at least a bit of the Sam Platt’s building remaining, possibly the bit that sticks out over the water? (pics later) :-

Does it also involve closure of the road? You tell me :-

This is the original location of the stop by the TO LET sign, but now that the alignment will be on the waterside, behind these buildings, perhaps they will have to go as well :-

Further on, another blight as the line will now cut diagonally through the low rise building behind the TO LET sign, to emerge into the roadway and rejoin the earlier alignment :-

Imperial War Museum stop is now shown as in the centre of the road in front of Quay West, the magnificently monolithic panegyric to modern capitalism that is Peel’s HQ (straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey!?) :-

I thought the IWM stop was originally going to be in the off-road space between Quay West and the Museum itself, but I could be wrong :-

To give people’s Apps a rest, I’ll put up the rest of the pics shortly of the new alignment itself, between Sam Platt’s and Quay West, which will have splendid tramside views across the waters . . .


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Part 2 on future Trafford Park line:

Some more shots of the new alignment around Wharfside.

Just to re-cap - approaching Sam Platt’s, the old straight alignment rises towards the car park, so presumably the pub was built on it. The parallel footpath, however remains at the low level to the right of the dividing wall which begins here :-

Looking back to Trafford Road, the footpath is now down behind the wall. I am not sure how the Metrolink will reconcile these levels :-

The footpath continues at the lower level under the pseudopodium of Sam Platt’s which juts over the water as in this 2010 shot. Has anyone had a drink in this little bit, what’s it like, is it scenic sitting in there? :-

You can just see the new alignment to the left of the water:-

Looking back :-

Forward again, tram passengers will glide along beside this view . . .

I presume the alignment will be close to the water’s edge? :-

Another slight change in level :-

Looking back from now on :-

This is where the alignment will cut away diagonally through the low rise building and away from the water to the right :-

Finally, a couple of views from the Lowry bridge :-

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