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I was actually involved with the building during the design process. The Architects were Hanson and Kantorowich and Partners. They were Professors of Architecture at the School. Both Norman Leonard Hansen and Roy Kantorowich were from South Africa. I was working as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor with Tozer Gallagher and Partners at the inception of the project, although I moved on before the building was completed.

The Architect in overall control of the project was another South African, Bernard Gosschalk who was also an academic at Manchester. Gottschalk was twice imprisioned in South Africa for opposing apartheid before moving to the UK.

Gosschalk was the most demanding architect I have ever worked alongside. He took the understandable view that producing a new building for Architects and Town Planners demanded great attention to detail for the benefit of the students, especially with their own staff in charge of the design!

Regarding the design issues, it should be pointed out that the operation of cost yardsticks in the mid to late 1960s severely limited the scope for Architects in certain categories of public buildings.

Apologies for reviving a long-dead thread,
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