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Manchester Webcams

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take a look at the top one for the Rangers crowds.... actually to save you looking I think these images below update if you refresh your browser:

then take another look at the weekend when the Great Run is on...
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There is a controllable camera on the top of Stockport College

As I recall you can just about get a pixelated city centre skyline. Sadly the camera is temporarily down as I type this.
The Manchester Jam Cams...

There are bloody loads of them and am pretty sure some of those cameras are the ones we can see hanging off motorway bridges etc.
Can see the new playing surface/drainage system being put down on this cam.
Lancashire County Cricket Club cam at Old Trafford:
The falcons are back with four eggs:

Twitter: @mcrperegrines #mcrperegrines
Webcam now set up for Five New Bailey(bottom). Four New Bailey (top)
Any current webcams?
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Why does this thread exist if it's never been updated???
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