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Mandaluyong City

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I thought that Mandaluyong should also have a thread of its own... since it has towers which are not part of the Ortigas Center where Mandaluyong shares with Pasig....

Paragon Plaza

8 Wack Wack Road

Wack Wack Tower A & B

Sun Plaza

Summit One

Lee Gardens
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thanks for doing this thread. there are some tall buildings in this area. ganda siguro to have a unit facing the wakwak golf course (sp) =)
is that building new (the 4th pic)? or im just slow... :runaway: haha

and i forgot how to post pics here.. :( :sleepy:
nope... its the WackWack Condominium... I think... if i'm not mistaken.... its been there for at least 3 or 5 years
That building in that 8th pic posted reminds me of the Flatiron Building in NYC.
labelan nyo naman yung mga building
Francis20 said:
is it the one at the Times Square?
nope... the Flatiron building....:D
Yeah, that sixth picture reminds me of the Flatiron, anyway, has anyone been to that Starmall in the first picture? I know that's the old Manuela but I haven't been there ever. I have been to the Starmall in Las Piñas, though.
I've been there once in a while since its just walking distance from where I stay in the weekdays.... it has better shops on the ground level... but the rest is still crappy... and filled with bargain stores
The Las Piñas mall is a smorgasbord of tiangges as well, although the restaurants there are quite good. One can have dinner at Dencio's Bar and Grill and have a cup of coffee afterwards at Figaro.
Yah. Starmall has a nice Rustan's Supermarket on the Ground Floor and a fairly good Robinsons Department Store.

The tiangges are on the second and third floors. I agree with pau_p1....they're a bit crappy. It's quite a world away from the glitz offered by the mall just across the street, Shangri-La Plaza.

Starmall even pales in comparison to the airy and suddenly upmarket feel of the newly-renovated EDSA Central.

That is the Flatiron Building, also known as Fuller Building designed by Burnham
I'm starting to like the building shown in the 6th pic. :D
mhe-ann said:
I'm starting to like the building shown in the 6th pic. :D
i like that building also mhe-ann, too bad that it's been sitting there for ages already :bash:
malay natin after 10 years, tapos na un? :) buhay pa kaya ako nun? :D
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