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Mangalore - The Pride of Tulunadu

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One of the most beautiful and modern city in INDIA. Mangalore is vibrant cosmopolitan and full of life . mangalore and udupi districts are popularly known as Tulunadu. my snaps will cover mangalore , its emerging twin city Udupi as well as cosmoplitan manipal and other surrounding area's filled with lush green valleys, rivers , mountains , hills. beaches etc

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Good job avi.
You are excelent photographer from an excelent city.

Post even your older pics here.
Thank you Akhilesh and India 101
purty_trash said:
Good pics...but why not post them in cityscape thread?
These pics are already posted in cityscape threads. Avi thanks for starting this thread. And u don't retire from SSCI. Bcoz of u we don't miss Mangalore much. Bcoz of SSCI I feel like I am Mangalore
thanks hakindian. by the way i hav no plans to retire frm ssc. thanks
1 - 20 of 1283 Posts
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