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On Weds. I took the bus alllllll the way from Bay Ridge to Manhattan Beach, over an hour ride. I went throughDyker Heights, with all the mansions neatly kept rowhouses. Traveled under the "el" on 86th Street through Bath Beach/Bensonhurst. Made my way on Ave X to beautiful Ocean Parkway, through the gritty Brighton Beach neighborhood under the "el" and finally to Manhattan Beach, a surprising neighborhood in NYC that resembles a quiet Connecticut seaside city. Rows and rows of houses, big and small, arranged on streets named after English villages, Kingsborough Community College, and of course, the beach!

Side Note- I'm a novice when it comes to phototaking so all of these pictures aren't the greatest. But it gives you a general idea. It was also very hazy and hot for April. I wish I took more, but enough talk, Enjoy this beautiful neighborhood........

Looking towards the Breezy Point Queens......

Getting the beach ready for summertime........

Brooklyn parrot, these things wreak havoc with power lines........

And some houses..........

Looking towards Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.........

NYC public school buildings are each unique and beautiful.......

I did this on dial-up modem so it took me an hour to host these pictures , some day I will do my neighborhood of Bay Ridge and other neighborhoods.

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Thats one mother of a trip!

but by the looks of it, it was worth it :)
those houses look amazing...and colourful.
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