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The Third World Atlantis

The history of Manila is one of such beauty but for it to be wiped out with a carpet bomb is of gloomy nature.
Manila has now become a Theatrical Tragedy. And at present, it is now left as just an illusion to a Romantic Filipino.

It is now hard to bring back the past as the illusion now has left us but the cycle still exists. The continuous mixing of styles continues
but in turn has turned into a curse as the current architectural trend has forgotten the beauty of culture and history and has now followed the repeating
social structure of glass and steel in the afterburn of Modern Architecture.

And here we are now, Manila in all its grandeur. Manila has now lost its illusion of the true Filipino Architecture.
It has all been left for those who can truly remember its past.

Still we continue to strive to create a solid identity for our Architecture that may be hidden within the confines of ancestral homes
from the Ifugao to the Tausugs. But! The true Arkitekturang Pilpino is beyond the design
of a single building or is it limited to a single style. It is the reflection of what it truly means to be a Filipino, what we truly are.
It is a place where everything can be found from Asia till the Americas.

The only hurdle we can now only take to create a foundation for Philippine Architecture as a globally competitive identity
in Tropical Architecture is to create a style that could go head-to-head with the likes of Neo-Modernism and Deconstructivism.
But it isn't in accordance to the true Arki.Pi, in which the east and west converges and creates a new one of a kind experience.

Probably, the reason for men to believe that there is really no Filipino Architecture is because it can no longer be seen.
Gone extinct. But I tell you it has existed! It is something that hides within our culture and in turn defines us.
Beyond our sight but in reach of our imagination.

We are now caught in the paradox where the east and the west have turned into a singularity and the mysteries
have all disappeared. The magic of an intersection of the east and the west has now been lost.

An illusion left on as a ghost. The Third World Atlantis.
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