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Mantaz went through Vilnius today

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Hello everybody :wave:

Today I decided to go through some places and take a bunch of pics. Actually I go and photograph very often, but it mainly goes for construction updates in Lithuanian forum :)

So here it goes.

View to the city center from the Seskine hills

NCC through the pines of Seskine

Another rather unseen view. You can see the Vilniug Gate site at the distance.

Industry quarter of Zverynas. Don't miss Business triangle and Helios at the hiorizon

Closer view

Another angle, on a different hill

Destruction of a milk factory. There will be a shopping center and 2 15-floorers residentials

The same site downhill

Vilnius gate again

Gediminas' avenue on the way to Gediminas hill

The rulers of palace to be opened in 2009

I'm sure you remember the old swimming pool that was demolished. So here's the place and they are already building the residential

The young generation of skyscraper lovers :D

Some random shots

A part of the oldtown

Here we go through the riverside

Yaahhhh, mommy! Here the Sznipiszki goes :D

Some neglected building by the side

A nice building U/C in Snipiskes

And the panorama of this magnificent district :)

Thanks for your attention (and replies)
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Great pics. River and hills make Vilnius even more nicer and great to see that construction is going on there, because to get rid of that Soviet feeling.
Wow, I hadn't realized how Helios is going to become such a landmark, which can be practically seen form everywhere. Thanks for showing all these unseen places. :)
Yes, very promising looking! A very nice addition to the area.
good pics, i already had the pleasure to meet with them some time ago :) I must admit that Helios is going to totally rock ;)
Your pictures bring me very good memories of Vilnius, although I see that there isn't so much snow as in the days I was there :cry:
Good pictures Mantaz :eek:kay:

@Edmundo it's spring already and it's time to get rid of all this snow ;)
Nice and not so often seen angles - it`s great.

Views from Seskine hills are well known to me - almost each time I enter (three times last year) Vilnius, I take this road (Ukmerge street) down the hill, Acropolis to the left.

Once I entered from Minsk - Vilnius road as well. It was a nice journey from Minsk in sunny October afternoon and crossing the EU border then.
@sander Yep, that's how we are doing in the Baltics ;)

@OL Well, Helios will be seen from higher and not too much popular places only

@ch1le Thanks

@Edmundo Hell yeah, the spring came yesterday, so today it's even less snow and temperature is higher :)

@Geex thx :cheers:

@Maris VX do you iften visit Vilnius? :)
Yes, it`s a fact.

I just use geographic position of Riga - in fact, it`s the same distance from Riga to Tallinn in the North, Vilnius in the South, Latgale in the East and Klaipeda-Baltic coast in the West.

It`s most easy to reach each corner in the Baltic States from Riga (so far I didn`t manage to visit Estonian islands). And it`s most fast to reach Vilnius - just three hours from Riga.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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