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Hi folks,

I flew from Stuttgart via Atlanta to Sacramento and back (April 15 - April 29/30); also from Sac to LA (4/18-4/22). From my plane windows, I took a lot of pictures of the earth below. See what I got:


Clouds over Europe, so here we go over eastern Canada:

That's what a river looks like if not touched by humans:

St.Lawrence River

First signs of civilization


Guess the city (the air show wasn't on most of the time [damn movies], so I was pretty much lost and didn't know where we where exactly):

Guess the airport (sorry it's all hazy but the weather was like that - at least clear skies - plus my camera isn't the very best):

Guess the city:

I had a window facing right (=west)

Better orientation possibility:

Guess the city:

Guess the airport (pretty close to ATL actually):

Guess the airport (even closer to ATL):

Guess the lake (really close now):

Sprawl starts...

Huge mall:

Sprawl sprawl sprawl...

...and traffic

Downtown ATL, great views

After that picture, I was ordered to switch off my camera (I ignored that "advice" on later flights), so unfortunately I missed some great photographs of ATL sprawl!

After landing, that's the course we had been on:

Night flight to Sacramento, so that's the only picture of that flight. Here's the city like an island in the dark sea, seen from the north as we were approaching SMF airport. During that 5 hour flight I could see many lights and cities, but I was completely lost without the air show (again damn movies).

Trip to LA

Our plane:

DT Sac, Interstate 5, Old Sac

Capitol building:

Downtown grid:

Now that's real sprawl somewhere outside in the countryside:

Already approaching LAX:

I-405 and La Tijera Blvd.

Wow - megacity and simply single family homes ;)

USC stadium:

Single family homes all over:


Established on final for landing:

I-405, one of the main freeways in LA:

What SoCal is famous for :) the In-N-Out. (We went there 10 minutes after we had landed):

California or Australia??

We passed some great days in LA and San Diego. Before we flew home on Tuesday evening, we went to the Getty.
Here's the always full 405 climbing the grade to the Valley:

View from the Getty towards Westwood, UCLA and Downtown LA:

I didn't have the window on the plane back to Sac, but the air wasn't very clear so good pictures were kinda hard to take anyway. Here's just an aerial of Six Flags Magic Mountain near Valencia (north of LA) where we had been as well:

Flight back: SMF-ATL

Sacramento Airport is just a couple of minutes from downtown but you couldn't tell from this photograph. Farm lands out here...

But development is around...beautiful California homes:

Borders of the city to the west:

Again Old Sacramento with the Railroad Museum and I-5:

Downtown with the Capitol:

Sac State and the American River. Highway 50 in the top/left corner of the picture:

Fly-over-zone (Oklahoma? Arkansas?)

Random town in America's heartland (again I had no map to check where we were exactly. The captain announced the route (north of Tulsa, north of Little Rock, but of course not at all times and not for the entire route)):

Somewhat larger town with sprawl:

The Mississippi I presume:

Getting closer to ATL, the sprawl soon picks up again:

Already over Metro Atlanta:

We approached the city from the west (obviously), passed north of the airport and then landed from the east:

ATL mega airport (90million pax, 5 runways):

6 concourses and too many planes to count:

ATL is built for the car, very sprawly:

Trees have yet to grow:

More houses coming:

Older developments:

Logistics is big around the airport:

Downtown in the distance:


The plane I had arrived on:

Flight ATL-STR

Speedway southeast of the airport:

Last sprawl picture, then it got too dark and hazy:

Our way out of ATL:

Again I was seated on the right so no pictures of NY or BOS possible (I was already asleep then, so whatever):

Already over Germany after about 8,5 hours of flying time

Black forest farms and houses:

Reservoir (Talsperre Kleine Kinzig close to Freudenstadt):

Our way into Europe:

Passing Freudenstadt, then Reutlingen, Metzingen, Kirchheim, Ebersbach, Baltmannsweiler, Esslingen:

A81 (Bodensee-Autobahn or Spaetzles-Highway ;) with Empfingen (rural Baden Wuerttemberg):

Reutlingen (Achalm mountain on the very left):

Metzingen ("Outlet City"):

Hohenneuffen ruins

"Schwaebische Alb"

Burg Teck

Autobahn 8 to Ulm/Munich climbing the Schwaebische Alb:

Ebersbach and B10:

Typical German town: Baltmannsweiler

"Blühende Streuobstwiesen" ("blooming scattered orchards")

Esslingen am Neckar

Festo company, big car supplier:

Neckar Valley towards Stuttgart (Harbor, Daimler factories, Daimler stadium):

Ostfildern Scharnhauser Park (former US base):

Autobahn 8 right by the airport:

Thanks for joining me on my journey, I hoped you enjoyed flying with me today :)

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Very interesting photos, nice work! The roads in the US are extremely confusing, I bet it takes a while to learn you way! :)

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Thank you all for your comments!

High Density Sprawl said:
I believe that this picture is of the town of Perce, Quebec. That is definately the famous Perce Rock just off the coast. The next few photos may be of Dalhousie, Bathurst or Newcastle New Brunswick.
Good call. Google Earth (greatest thing on earth) confirms Perce/the city of "Le-Trou-de-Chat". Bathurst is correct I found out, but it's not one of the already posted photos - it's still "white": ;)

I now google earthed a bit and found out that this:

is the famour Bangor airport in Bangor, ME.

I will try to track down our flight path when I got a little more time. Cheers!

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Thx for the great pics showing awesome US infrastructure :eek:kay:. Beside others I particularly like the megagrid of single homes in LA. Fortunately you happened to have a clean window :)

Since I am from Stuttgart may I use some of your pics?

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Thx for the great pics showing awesome US infrastructure :eek:kay:. Beside others I particularly like the megagrid of single homes in LA. Fortunately you happened to have a clean window :)

Since I am from Stuttgart may I use some of your pics?
Nice thread, reminds me the days when I played Sim City.

It's interesting to see the absence (larger) yards and swimming pools from the German towns.

And despite metro LA's sprawling single family homes, some people argue it is denser than metro NYC...
Hey guys. Thanks for your replies and apologies that I have neglected this thread for a bit.

nouveau.ukiyo: Land is just really expensive in Stuttgart metro area which kinda prevents large yards. Plus housing zones are very restricted: you can't just build your house whereever you want. Thus land for housing is in short supply --> costly. If you go to the countryside (e.g. "Schwaebische Alb"), you can witness somewhat larger yards as well.
Every larger town and city (pop. of say more than 20000) has a community swimming pool which probably is why usually we don't have private pools.
I've never been to NYC but suppose that everybody just thinks of Manhattan and forgets that most people live in the burbs in single-family homes.
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