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I thought I'll post some pictures I've done in different times from Tallinn. There are lonely buildings, commieblocks, views of the city. So I don't make only pictures from commieblocks :)


What a wonderful building is that! I was astonished when I saw it first time. I had visited my friend who lives very near that building and he said he hasn't even seen that building before... It's in Sõle street near the sea.

In the middle of the city.

Very goodlooking, Narva mnt.

That's also in Narva mnt.

A cliche.

Very nice repetitions in Liivalaia street.

This is my favourite building in Tallinn... Slim, tall, ... really handsome!

Another beauty in Hobujaama street.

View from a bridge in Lasnamäe.

That's a cliche, but it's one of the best views.

I think the message is also actual today.

From the Postimees building.

Now some pictures from Mustamäe. This is a very good-looking commieblock in Vilde tee! There are actually three similar ones right after each other.

A fantastic view in Sõpruse pst.!

In airport early morning 27.03.06.

Busy Pärnu mnt.

Some people say I was born in this house... That's in Pelgulinn. But I pictured it because it's a nice weary commieblock.

From my window this morning.

Near my house in Mustamäe today afternoon.

Some more Mustamäe in 22.04.2006.

This morning in Vilde tee. Very nice building.

Also done this morning in Szolnok trolleystop. That's another view of a perfect building: massive, repetitive with variations.

These are in Pelguranna.

A hospital. Goodlooking!

I'll end with a really nostalgic picture.

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I'll end with a really nostalgic picture.

Is that one at Kolde puiestee? I lived with some friends on Kolde about seven years ago. I used to walk to a Minsk for groceries. Great memories...
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