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Mar del Plata is located 404 km (251 miles) south-east of Buenos Aires on the Atlantic coastline.


Surface Area:
1453 km²
47 km (29 miles)

Temperate with maritime influences

Average temperature:
8º C - 46.4º F (winter) / 20º C - 68º F (summer)

when it snows...

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n 1866 the first train arrived in Mar del Plata. Between 1880 and 1920 Mar del Plata became a luxury seaside resort that was compared with the best in Europe. Impressive English and French style residences were built during those days. Some of them are still standing and represent a permanent reminder of the “Belle Epoque”. Originally it was the wealthy residents of Buenos Aires who built luxurious holiday homes along the coast but today nearly six million people visit the city every year.

A new chapter started in 1938 with the inauguration of the Route 2. The number of visitors doubled during the summer of 1939 due to its construction.

During the fourties, Trade Unions built huge hotels for their members and public leisure complexes were opened. Social Tourism was a priority and holidays became a right to workers.

The city changed after the construction of tall buildings that replaced the traditional residences and contrasted with the residential neighbourhoods.

The Massive Tourism boom lasted for more than two decades. Changes started in the 1970`s.

Nowadays, Mar del Plata is the most important tourist destination after Buenos Aires, offering an important urban infrastructure and the main tourist facilities in the country.

- Closeness to Buenos Aires (251 miles/404 kilometres)
- Travel is hassle free
- The city is the perfect combination between metropolis and nature
- Tourist equipment and infrastructure positioned the city as the main destination for Congresses and Conventions after Buenos Aires
- The city has the reputation as one of the country's best gastronomic centres
- Sports Facilities are excellent whether visitors want to take part, or just want to watch
- The city assures there's something going on every week of the year
- A wide variety of shops selling merchandise in every price range such as woollen fabrics, leather clothes and accessories, jewels, perfumes, among other products.
- Other options the city offers are: shopping malls, theme parks, museums, and the typical “estancias” where visitors get in contact with the Pampas and discover Argentina’s traditional background.
- When it comes to nightlife, visitors have a wide range of choices for all ages and tastes: casinos, bingo halls, clubs, pubs, theatres and many more.
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