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I went to New York City for 4 days last week for the first time. Being from Toronto, I'm used to large cities but New York is on a whole other level. I took over 700 pictures during my stay and I obviously won't be showing them all, but I hope the ones I do show give an idea of what the city is like.

I apologize if some photos are of poor quality or overexposed. The weather wasn't great, but I made the most of it.

The plane is awaiting.

The flight from Toronto's Pearson Airport to LaGuardia.

The first look at the city.

The view from the Hilton NY.

The first steps into Central Park, which is over twice the size of Monaco.

The famous Park Avenue.

One of my favourite skyscrapers in Manhattan, the Citigroup Building.

Probably my favourite building in the world, the Chrysler Building.

The first glance at the Empire State Building.

The view...

Macy's, which has about the same amount of square footage as the Empire State Building.

Entering Times Square.

Part of Broadway has been closed off to vehicles, for the purpose of a pedestrian mall.

Hearst Tower, designed by Norman Foster.

The Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.

You can find some amazing architecture and some very well preserved buildings in the Soho and Greenwich Village neighbourhoods.

Sorry for the bluriness (I was on a bus). The Woolworth building is the tall skyscraper to the centre right. It was once the tallest building in the world.

Lower Manhattan as seen from Brooklyn.

Back to Times Square.

The United Nations the next day, which consisted of pouring rain and clouds.

Trump International Hotel and Tower, the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere.

Park Avenue again.

Times Square.

On Friday, I headed over to the Statue of Liberty. This is the ride to Lower Manhattan.

Little Korea.

The Flatiron Building.

Washington Arch.

7 WTC.

1 WTC under construction, with the World Financial Center in the background.

Jersey City skyline.

These ducks were bugging me for food while I was having lunch.

WFC, with the almost completed Goldman Sachs building in the background.

The statues of NY harbour.

The Staten Island ferry.

The skyline of Jersey City.

Lower Manhattan as seen from the ferry to Ellis and Liberty Islands.

The Statue of Liberty.

The sun finally came out to give me a neat picture.

Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants landed for documentation.

The sphere representing peace that once stood between the twin towers, now damaged by the collapse. It is now standing at Battery Park.

The Woolworth building with Chrysler in the far distance.

The base of Woolworth.

The Brooklyn bridge is the next stop. By then, the weather had improved.

Manhattan Bridge.

Rockefeller Center.

The UN again.


Manhattan Bridge.

Trump puts his name on everything!

Saint Thomas Church.

Radio City Music Hall.

Rockefeller Center.

The Empire State Building one last time.

...and a couple panoramas from the ESB.

Check out my flickr photo page for other photos I didn't post.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed. :cheers:

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I will stay there for 4 weeks.:nuts:
Damn! Unbelieveable:)

Thanks for sharing your pics.

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Oh, I thought he was referring to the steel structure that is a few levels above ground. The picture he quoted didn't load for me. Thanks for the information though, I was wondering that as well.
Yeah but some people actually do make the mistake because of its location. I had friends visiting me two weeks ago and saw the building from the Empire State and though that it was the WTC1 (or they call it the freedom tower). I am sure many people that took photos from afar came to the same conclusion. But in reality is not even a floor yet. :eek:hno:
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