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March 30 Melbourne times. The Shape We're In.

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Not sure if someone has already posted this. Sorry about the giant jpg, the textifier took it in the pants.

Also how good is reading random things you find on the tram?
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oooh pretty pictures! :)

that QV entry rawks. (thought it was some spaceship for a minute, took a while for it to register :rock: )
Thanks tayser good article and pics of these exciting new projects.Dont forget the State library refurb as well.
yes melbourne is going great guns. love most of stuff down there. still the fed sq is a worry.? looks too military.
thanx 4 scan dan!
Yes, thanks tayser. :eek:kay:

Nice for a free paper. You can pay $10 - $15 a pop just to see pics like that in any of the number of Oz architectural magazines at the newsagent.
uewepuep said:
it was me dammit!
:hahano: :master: :cheers:

Taysers editing posts I reckon! ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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