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Marcus Hook

Great pics! I grew up in Marcus Hook during the 60s and 70s and had a great childhood there. It was a great town, I admit, it has seen better days.

The "row houses" you have listed on Church street are actually apartments, the upper and lower are separate units. My grandparents had their first apartment there back in the 40s. My great grandparents lived directly across the street. The brick building you see in the background of that pic used to be a movie theater.

The apartments in Viscose Village used to be a community center, we had dances there when I was in Junior high.

Back in the 60s and early 70s MH had a small department store downtown, movie theater, great little shops and restaurants and families that went back generations in the town. I would not have wished to grow up anywhere else.

Don't live there now, but often think of it fondly. Thanks for the pics.
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