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Married Sudanese goat dies

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Married Sudanese goat dies

The animal, which became an internet sensation after it was wedded to a man who molested it, has passed away.

A Sudanese goat that became an internet sensation after it was "married" to a man who molested it has died after choking on a plastic bag, the BBC says.

Local elders ordered the man to marry the goat, later named Rose, after he was caught having sex with it in the South Sudanese capital of Juba last February.

The BBC news website picked up the story from Sudanese newspaper The Juba Post, and it went on to become one of the site's best-read stories of all time.

"More than a year after the BBC story was first published, it is still picked up by various web forums and being emailed across the world," the site reported.

"Over time, it has received several million hits ... a Google search uncovers more than one million different web pages, based on the same story."

The story remains a hit, recently clocking up more than 100,000 page views for five successive days, the BBC said.

Rose was thought to have died after choking on a plastic bag she swallowed while eating scraps on the streets of Juba, the BBC reported.

Tom Rhodes, who broke the story in The Juba Post, told the news service that Rose had a male kid after marrying her husband, Charles Tombe.

"But not a human one," he added.

Mr Tombe, who was drunk at the time of Rose's death and retains custody of the kids, has refused to comment on the issue, the report said.

Mr Rhodes told the BBC he was "shocked" the short, light-hearted story in his paper had taken off to become a worldwide internet phenomenon.

"Wow - what have we done? We have triggered a monster," he said.

He said he was afraid the story could sour his relations with the Sudanese, but there had been no backlash.

"The idea [of the marriage] was to publicly embarrass the man," Mr Rhodes said.

"It doesn't portray Sudan in a bad light - it shows the Sudanese have a sense of humour."

Mr Rhodes told the BBC that people come up and say to him: "Oh, you're the goat man."
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Sounds suss to me, I wonder if he's getting "insurance" out of this, maybe 2 cows? I think this is a job for CSI !!!
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