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Marriott IFC News,Chongqing.(377 meters)

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The owner has changed,it is under construction by China Construction Second Engineering Bureau and Wuyang Construction Group now.
And the whole plan has been changed slightly.
Here is the latest news.They are doing the groundwork right now.And they just held the contruction materials bidding conference on 8th,Mar.
The project says they are going to completed this IFC with the best quality.

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Look at the banner on the crane,it was put up on March this year,and it says:"Celebrating the beginning construction of Marriott IFC". :cheers: :cheers:
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Why there has to be so many threads about this tower?

This is atlease th 3rd thread I have seen so far.
From pic, I am sure it must be located right at the heart of the city.
i add the news in my Marriott thread, thanks Childish King for the news. i also found this news in classic023 few days ago but these day i am writing my master dissertation so i am late.
The new IFC rendering looks very gorgeous.
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