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MaRS Discovery District Phase II (661 University Ave / 101 College St) | Complete | 23 st | 113 m | Discovery District

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According to todays Globe (page A11) "next week directors of the non-profit MaRS discovery district are scheduled to announce a private-sector investment of more than $300 million to complete the second phase..."

"The new building will more than double the laboratory and office space available in the complex, making it bigger than any single office tower in the financial district...." It will grow to 1.6 million square feet by 2010. And the best part, "the potential market for research-oriented office in that district, five minutes from the hospitals in one direction, five minutes from the university in the other, is as much as 10 million square feet according to city economic-development officer Kyle Benham.
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Great news. I haven't been in the area for awhile (hope to change that soon). Is phase two the building at University and Queen's Park, or is this something different? I thought the latter was already progressing.

As for R&D, I think the city does well. As a country, many businesses, whether Canadian owned or otherwise, relied heavily on the weak dollar, and haven’t invested heavily in R&D for some time (COUGHS … American Auto Industry).
Thanks Filip ... I thought so ... meant College.
Yes, phase two is at the corner of College and University. I hope they chose a more daring design now - to cement that intersection a bit further.
Hey Guys, don't knock call centres. Many of my peers went on to work at one of the numerous ones here in London after getting there Master's. Of course, aside from some manufacturing and a few insurance companies, not entirely sure what else there is to do here. And the city wonders why graduates don't hang around.
Personally, I think the world needs more political analysts. Eventually, I’ll run out of degrees to do, and no call centre will want to higher me.

Despite both Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo’s claim to be “silicon valley north,” the area including north-east Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Markham has the highest concentration of high-tech computer related industry I believe. We seem to do well in that department, but, aside from AMD (formerly ATI), I’m not sure how much R&D goes on up there (Nortel in Brampton, I guess … but not the greatest success story anymore).

Toronto could be a hot bed for R&D if we pushed kids into technology related education, rather than having so many graduate from the social sciences and humanities. The one thing KW has going for it, is so many computer graduates (York and Toronto's programs suck by comparison).

As an aside, I wonder if BCE can move its headquarters to T.O. after it sells or merges itself with another company.
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