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MaRS Discovery District Phase II (661 University Ave / 101 College St) | Complete | 23 st | 113 m | Discovery District

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According to todays Globe (page A11) "next week directors of the non-profit MaRS discovery district are scheduled to announce a private-sector investment of more than $300 million to complete the second phase..."

"The new building will more than double the laboratory and office space available in the complex, making it bigger than any single office tower in the financial district...." It will grow to 1.6 million square feet by 2010. And the best part, "the potential market for research-oriented office in that district, five minutes from the hospitals in one direction, five minutes from the university in the other, is as much as 10 million square feet according to city economic-development officer Kyle Benham.
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Mars 2 is 23 storeys, 113m tall

So 10 million sqf of research space downtown? That's a shitload of office towers. Seems our future is bright
some of those planned, u/c & built off the top of my head

-St Mikes is building a 9 storey research building
-Womens college will be redeveloped with two new highrises,
-Mount Sinai is expanding their new 4 storey research building to 12 storeys
-Sick Kids has a building planned for one of the parking lots by the Nightmare on Elm.
- Leslie L Dan Pharmacy Building
- CCBR building
^I'm more concerned with how it compliments the rest of the MARS complex (and the greater TGH block) than the intersection
at 23 storeys, symmetry was already out of play. I like it however a mirror of this side on the east would not be good
Well it seems to have a bit more flair than the Tower on the other side, so it may not provide a certain sense of symmetry
I'd be okay with Piano or a top quality Foster (the firm is so big now it's become a factory of recycled gimmicks and gizmos) but Pelli does nothing for me. IMO, Richard Rogers would be perfectly suited for Toronto as well as a great rival to that British designed engineering marvel going up out west
Renzo Piano / Cesar Pelli / Norman Foster-designed skyscraper with offices
Are they really? They live on coporate welfare and the jobs they provide can be easily filled by others.
Especially with ford gm and chrys going under. I hate those cars but theyre good for our economy.
The MaRS complex in Toronto (which is one part of the much greater Discovery District) has 800 to a million square feet built and leased with the first two phases. They aren't going anywhere.

If the City of Mississauga has sponsered they own version of Mars and have attracted a potential tenant from Toronto well, that's good for them. It's nothing to get overly excited about on both sides of the coin.
sorry, ment to say first two "buildings". (Second tower but, third building is on hold)
You're referring to the first phase or the second, or both?
A lot of hope is resting on non-residential highrise development in MCC. I just don't see it happening in the forseeable future. Lease rates just aren't there.
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