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MaRS Discovery District Phase II (661 University Ave / 101 College St) | Complete | 23 st | 113 m | Discovery District

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According to todays Globe (page A11) "next week directors of the non-profit MaRS discovery district are scheduled to announce a private-sector investment of more than $300 million to complete the second phase..."

"The new building will more than double the laboratory and office space available in the complex, making it bigger than any single office tower in the financial district...." It will grow to 1.6 million square feet by 2010. And the best part, "the potential market for research-oriented office in that district, five minutes from the hospitals in one direction, five minutes from the university in the other, is as much as 10 million square feet according to city economic-development officer Kyle Benham.
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That is indeed the rumour at UT.
I wonder why they would start from scratch? It looks like they kept the foundation in great shape over the past 2 years. Unless they plan on changing around the interior layout of the building.
Aecon is the new project builders for this project.
By androiduk on UT.

Saw some workers scurrying in and out of the construction trailer today. I mentioned it to one of the maintenance workers in MaRS and he said it was supposed to be starting up again very soon.

201 - 203 of 203 Posts
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