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MaRS Discovery District Phase II (661 University Ave / 101 College St) | Complete | 23 st | 113 m | Discovery District

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According to todays Globe (page A11) "next week directors of the non-profit MaRS discovery district are scheduled to announce a private-sector investment of more than $300 million to complete the second phase..."

"The new building will more than double the laboratory and office space available in the complex, making it bigger than any single office tower in the financial district...." It will grow to 1.6 million square feet by 2010. And the best part, "the potential market for research-oriented office in that district, five minutes from the hospitals in one direction, five minutes from the university in the other, is as much as 10 million square feet according to city economic-development officer Kyle Benham.
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Huh? Why? That's a great building. It has a beautiful curved facade that suits the intersection perfectly. While I'd love to see an example of this style built a lot taller, it would have to be built somewhere else because the current height is in keeping with the surrounding architecture.

Your statement is another example of someone that just doesn't understand the International Style of architecture. Sometimes less is more. Simple clean lines instead of ornate doohickeys do have their place in good architecture.

I would be very disappointed if the Hydro Building were demolished. Like it or not, it is actually a landmark building in Toronto, just not to the same degree as much taller ones.

... well the building "might be nice" - but the way the building meets the street is horrible.

If "International Style" means - impersonal, bland, generic buildings - well this would take the cake. It loses points for not being square - so we know they didn't hire a Canadian architect.
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Thank you

Thanks for the quick reply everyone - and thanks for the pics of the site. Much appreciated. This is one of my favourite developments in the city. I can't wait to see this jewel rise. That intersection is going to look sweeeeet when it's finished!
July 3

From University and College looking southeast.

From College looking southwest.

Looking south.

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last pic is very very very nice current...good shot!
Thanks for the pics current. Looks like they're making good progress.

I get really excited about this building, and office towers like Bay-Adelaide, because of what they represent for the vitality of Toronto's economy. The success of MaRS bodes very well for Toronto's future.
Current, you are progressing in leaps and bounds with your photography... really nice to see it happen! :)
I see two cranes, maybe a third for the north end?
^Yes the third crane on the north west corner is now up as well. Three cranes total now, ramp to be removed soon.
What is the estimated completion date for this baby?

I will be using this subway station a fair amount, which adds to my curiousity. The MaRS complex never really got me excited until I visited and was absolutely blown away by how expansive and well executed it is. It's also rather exciting being a research centre. :)
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^^ agreed. I find the idea of the burgeoning research community in Toronto to not only be exciting, but it bodes well for the future of our downtown.

Wonder if Steven Hawking is going to jump to Waterloo, as they are suggesting in the press lately.
^^ Waterloo is where I currently spend my time, and that made front-page news the other day... but then the rumour was quashed when Stephen Hawking's representatives from Cambridge said he won't be making the move. :(

He is, however, visiting us for a week or so, I believe. :cheers:
Even if he has every intention of moving, his staff would automatically say he was not. That is always the case until deals are signed, as he is currently employed in Britain.
As for Hawking, I don't think we know one way or the other right now. Either way, Waterloo is becoming a very interesting place for researchers and scholars in a number of fields.
Is the subway stop going to be built into MaRS?? and the current stop torn down?
I love this building, it really is a beauty, now if only it was like twice as tall..
Is the subway stop going to be built into MaRS?? and the current stop torn down?
Yes, and yes to both questions..
They better re-do the station cause its a dump. Except for the mosaic mural.
Thanks everyone for the comments. I am trying to improve and from that picture of Mars I learned how important lighting is. Light from the setting sun made that picture, and I happened to be there to take advantage of that opportunity.

Photos of the three cranes taken July 25.

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you are doing a brilliant job, current. We all owe you a beer at the next meet up!
Is there any plans for a MaRS III? ... simply in proposal stage
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