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MARSEILLE | The Marseillaise | 135m | 443ft | 31 fl | Com

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Architect: Ateliers Jean NOUVEL
Construction date: 12/2014 till end of 2017
31 floors / Office building

Short presentation of the project:


The “La Marseillaise” tower is a 31-story tower created by Jean Nouvel which has 35,000m2 of office space confirming to international normas. The tower is part of an ensemble called the ARENC QUAYS of 4 buildings, including 3 high-rises, for a total of 93 000 sqm, with prestigious architectural signatures. It will offer a new generation of offices with a high standard of national and international environmental certification, luxury residences, and retail. Located in the heart of the Euromediterranee redevelopment area (South Europe biggest regeneration project), Les Quais d’Arenc will open the metropolitan area of Marseilles to a new skyline of the City.
Initiated by the real estate group Constructa, the new office tower of the Ateliers Jean Nouvel will soon rise in the Joliette/Arenc quarter part of the EUROMEDITERRANEE project (one’s of Europe biggest redevelopment project). Yesterday night was the inauguration of the construction site.

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Construction officially started on the 17th of December (2 days ago), the site has been prepped since a couple of years already (the whole site was prepped when the first building of the complex -the mid-rise on the first photo of post #4- was built) and the offices are already rented out. I think that it's safe to say that it is way beyond "proposed highrises"
Judging from the photos they haven't even started prep works yet. I'll move this thread for now.
At this point, since everything is ready, things will be moving pretty quickly now. Hopefully, we'll be able to move it to U/C soon.

Until then, thank you for keeping things neat in the forum and forgive our excitement.
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