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Shaza Hotel Mashhad Project - OPENING 2011

Range Hospitality and Shaza are working on a hotel development in Iran, which is scheduled to open by the end of 2011.

"...Our second project, which is in Mashhad in Iran, will be delivered next year. That’s a hotel very close to the shrines, same again — a lot of pilgrims visit this destination every year, there are no branded hotels, very high volumes... and this one we should be opening in 2011." said Range Hospitality chief executive officer Munaf Al.

"We purchased a hotel which is about 70% complete, which works again because interiors are the only thing that really need to be worked on. The actual shell and core of the hotel is there so now it’s just a case of designing the interiors, the layout, and this is about 200 rooms," Al explained.

"That’s a very good example of our involvement in the technical and the design side," added Shaza Hotels president and CEO Simon Coombs. "Our team is very heavily involved in that now. By getting in at this stage now and reconfiguring the building and looking at the design, we again are very hopeful of being able to come up with a very unique and interesting hotel in another location."

Shaza is a joint venture between Guidance Hotel Investment Company based in Paris and Kempinski Hotels S.A. based in Geneva. Range Hospitality is a UAE-based hotel developer.

The Lobby (RENDER)

Restaurant (RENDER)

Hotel Room (RENDER)

This is great news as Iran desperately needs hotels with proper design and facilities. Perhaps the locals will learn something from this move.​
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