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Massilia is coming to Qatar!! for good!

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Hey all!!

Our friend Massilia is coming to Qatar!! He got a job in here and will be moving in August!!

Thats great news!!

Best of luck and success to you Bert!!

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looooool i see that news spread fast! :lol:

yes I'll be in Qatar from august on (or maybe september), working for a french company!

like some of you know I totally love the Gulf region and culture, and the working environment is really exciting these days too, so I was looking to go back!

this is my first real job though (I'm 22 and only did internships before) so you guys wish me luck!!! i need it! lol!
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100% percent luck insha allah :banana:
you must be so excited. :banana: may i know the name of the company? anyway good luck :eek:kay:
You're super lucky Masilla :banana:

I luv Gulf states too, the only HEAVEN on earth with VERY EXCITING Working conditions !

I hope to find a job in Qatar, UAE or Oman soon after graduation ( in 2 years ). I really really need your helps !! :banana:
Good Luck Massilia!!

hopefully i`ll be in doha by August, we'll see you in Doha inshalla. Congrats on the job :)
I just saw this thread! WELCOME MASSILA, as I knew before you guys :pPPPP
Best of luck man!! tell us whats it like moving there, I could use some pointers as I will be moving to doha next month as well.
errr! So, I'm the last one to know! :bash:

Anyway, hope to see you in Doha Bert. Maybe we could arrange some kind of SSC members meet when everyone's in Doha :)
Gd luck man..i'm moving to Doha too, except its for studying haha
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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