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Massive restoration and beautification under way - Luanda city gets new look

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Country's capital city gets new look

10/7/10 4:43 PM

Luanda – The downtown of the capital city of the country, Luanda, is receiving since last September changes in its architectural look with painting of its buildings under the programme of conservation and beauty of major population centres in Luanda.

Speaking on Thursday to Angop, the provincial director of urbanism and construction, Torres Bunga said that the initiative of local government is to review everything degraded due to war to restore or construct.

According to Torres Bunga, the beautification programme will be extended to all municipalities without exception and is not limited to painting of buildings.

In this context, the preservation of sealing terraces of buildings that in time of heavy rains have caused infiltrations of water mainly into the upper floors are part of this programme.
:banana::cheers::banana: I looooooveeee to hear this so much!:cheers::banana:
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Let´s show the progress as well!
...a once old rotten building

Courtesy of Muloji17
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HEY matt do you have a longer article on this ?
ya vão pintar tbm os bairros de lata??? :dunno: dumb people...why they just don't built new iconic things???damn it
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