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Another masterplan, part of Groruddalsatsningen. Approved by Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation this November. The project's been quite controversial with developers due to low real estate prices in the area.

There are uncertainties related to the future of E6 through the area. Prefered by the government of Oslo is a tunnel or lid covering all of E6 past Furuset, but nothing has been decided on yet. There are anyways no financing ready for building it, and thereby the Furuset masterplan comes in both an alternative with and without a lid. The tunnel-option is considered unlikely, and has not been studied thoroughly.

Overview of the Furuset area with lid over E6:

A vision for the new central street in the east/west direction:

From the masterplan, a vision for the central square Trygve Lies plass:

Three maps, here's with E6 as of today:

With lid/park above the road:

Finally with a tunnel that would allow for significant increase in utilization:

Link to approved plan:
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With Arcasa as the architect, JM wants to build 637 apartments in Karihaugen 22. They've gotten approval for one-sided apartments, and a whopping 50 % share of 35-50 sqm units. The plan will meet local demand of cheap housing, and offer "rent-to-buy" apartments with funding.

Area is adjacent to current housing around Furuset T in the west, and E6 Strømsveien to the south.

Sound barrier towards E6:

Seen from above, NW:

Project will have a central square, and orientate towards the new central axis of Furuset

Plan will be on hearing after new years.
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With the masterplan approved, detailed regulations can start on different parts of the project. Trygve Lies plass will get an upgrade, signed Mestres Wåge architects.

Here's an article mentioning quick progress till construction start:
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Project will have a central square, and orientate towards the new central axis of Furuset

Plan will be on hearing after new years.
What a disappointment. I thought the idea was to urbanize the Grororuddalen and revitalize it through that, but this just looks like a continuation of the kind of planning that the valley is already filled with. I had hoped for something similar to the Vollebekk development at least.

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^^One problem is how they (pbe) regulate, they draw a masterplan of the area with proper city blocks that aren't aligned with current building structure and property borders. But then they dont follow up by doing anything else, leaving it for the property owners to decide on what they want to do with their properties, if they want to build, sell, merge whatever. Essentially taking all the risk, and getting the bill if changing the layout requires costly investments or deals. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about city development. You end up with a more "dynamic" approach, but the dynamic stems from more or less "random" property borders from decades old developments (and buildings/businesses that arent there anymore!), and you get the typical developments that are their own " islands" not integrated with each other , but focus on their own central square/area.
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