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Mausoleum Zebrnjak | Kumanovo, Macedonia

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Mausoleum on a hill Zebrnjak was monumental and triumphant memorial marker erected for the glory and honor fallen Serbian soldiers during the battle Kumanovkse in the First Balkan War, the 1912th year. Serbian army defeated the Turkish army and thus marked the beginning of the liberation of South East Europe from the Ottoman Empire. Memorial feature has been the most important achievement of the Belgrade architect Momir Korunović and was the most monumental military memorial in the region of the central Balkans. The monument was built in the 1937th at the site of the battlefield - the hill Zebrnjak near Kumanovo in Vardar Banovina then the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, now Republic of Macedonia. Military forces of about 90,000 soldiers commanded by the royal Prince Alexander I of Yugoslavia. This battle is decided by the first Balkan war. Struck a hard, decisive defeat of the Turkish army, after which came the final expulsion of the Ottoman Empire from the southern Balkans. In the charnel-house, lie the remains of 678 killed Serbian soldiers, in honor and glory of the Serbian soldiers heroes Kumanovka battle. Victory in the Battle of Kumanovo Serbian army determined the outcome of the First Balkan War, and thus making a centuries-old desire of the Serbian people for the liberation of Kosovo from the Ottoman authorities. Today, the monument is a ruin state because it is the Bulgarian invaders destroyed during the Second Macedonian War world

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7/10 Looks kinda strange...
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