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MAYA Residences - Etiler

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(other pics are missing)
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i would like to live there :cheers:
so Mayas and Hittites live there?
no high society live there :)
Looks very nice. Looks like furnature comes as standard :cheers:
I love to live here too!
Me too, but without you guys :D
Main thing no MAYAS,HITTIES,AZTEKS or AMAZONS living there :lol:
Don't wanna hear the prices.. :D
Don't wanna hear the prices.. :D

3 Bedroom apartment, $900.000 :nuts:
i do not want to live here
but still nice and we need more of those apartments
better than thos 60-80s concrete bloks

just sw it
SOM are the Architects :cheers:
3 Bedroom apartment, $900.000 :nuts:
That seems normal for a nice building like that in a big city like istanbul. In New York these would be three times that.
I think the prices are fair in such a big city like Istanbul.But i dont know how much other residences in Istanbul cost?? For example an 3 bedroomroom apartment???
^^Prices highly depends on the district.

(December 2006 Values)

The average 1 m2 residental price for whole Istanbul is 1.875 YTL (1425 $)

Top 3 Most Expensive Residentals of Main Districts are;

Beşiktaş 3.413 YTL (2594 $)
Sarıyer 3.334 YTL (2534 $)
Beyoğlu 3.227 YTL (2453 $)

Of course these are the main districts, the ones which own its municipality, I mean not the sub-districts like Levent, Maslak etc. Therefore they have both very good and also bad parts. Considering sub-districts the prices and their variation will be higher.
Istanbul'dan ev alma hayalleri boylece suya düsmüs durumda :D

100-150bin euro arasinda alirdim boyle bitane diyodum bende kendi kendime...
ben anlamiyorum zaten istanbullular nasil ev alor? Ben amerikada calisom istanbuldan ev alamam... annamadim ben bu isi...
yuh güzel resimler gitti,cünkü sitesi tamamen degisti :eek:hno: .Eski hali daha güzeldi.
^^ Tüh..'e yüklemenin yararı burada.. :yes: Öbür türlü site değişince resimler gidiyor.. :eek:hno: Burada da sağ tuş yasak, kaynak kodundan bulup kaydetmek lazım resimleri..
ne yapacagiz simdi.Siteden kalkti resimler.Bir somun sitesinde ancak 5 resim var.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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