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Throughout the world, the Buddha is recognised as a symbol of peace. Maitreya means 'loving-kindness'. The vision of Maitreya Project is to effect peace at every level of society through the practice of loving-kindness: peace within the family, the community and the world, as well as inner peace for the individual.

For thousands of years the world's enduring monuments have provided powerful symbols, reminders of society's most treasured values. During the 20th century most of the world's great buildings and public development projects have been 'monuments' to commercial interests: high-rise business buildings, airports, shopping malls, theatres and theme parks. The Maitreya Buddha statue will provide the world with a much-needed and enduring monument to spiritual values, a reminder of the benefits of creating peace at every level through practicing loving-kindness.

Maitreya Project's 500ft / 152m bronze statue will be built at Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh in northern India. The Maitreya Buddha statue and its throne-building will provide the public with temples, exhibition halls, a museum, library, audio-visual theatre and hospitality services. All will be set in beautifully landscaped parks with meditation pavilions, beautiful water fountains and tranquil pools. The buildings and grounds of the Project will contain a remarkable and inspiring collection of sacred art.

A public hospital of international standard will be built with the intention of supplementing the medical services currently provided by the government.

The Project already provides free education to 500 students at the Maitreya Project Universal Education School in Bodhgaya, India. Over the years, both the school and hospital will be developed and expanded to meet the needs of their communities.

Building the statue will create, both directly and indirectly, the circumstances for ongoing economic stability, as well as spiritual and social renewal, in and around the Project site.

The statue is designed to stand for at least 1,000 years, supporting the Project's spiritual and social work for at least a millennium.

The Location of the Project

Maitreya Project's programmes are located in northern India. Their scope and influence will benefit not only the people of India, but the entire world.
500ft / 152m Statue

The State Government of Uttar Pradesh, India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the State Government and Maitreya Project Trust and, in compliance with the Indian Land Acquistion Act, has completed the necessary legal requirements for the acquisition of the 750-acre land site to be made available to Maitreya Project, in Kushinagar, UP in northern India.

This provides the basis for the Trust to establish itself at Kushinagar in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Kushinagar, where Lord Buddha passed away, is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India.

It will be some months before Maitreya Project will take possession of a site and a full announcement will be made at that time. As soon as all legalities are finalised detailed design, development and site work will commence immediately.

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