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Mecca - Medina (Saudi Arabia) December 2008 & August 2009

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Pelerinajul la Mekka e unul din cei 5 stalpi de baza ai Islamului, ultimul de fapt, si e obligatoriu pentru musulmanii care isi permit din punct de vedere financiar si fizic calatoria.

In trecut, musulmanii din Dobrogea calatoreau cu carutele pana la Constantinopole, apoi luau corabia pana in Egipt, dupa care se inscriau in caravanele care mergeau pe Taramul Sfant. Caravanele in acele vremuri erau un fel de tren, numai ca in loc de compartiment, fiecare avea camila sa, iar in loc de popasuri, existau caravanseraiuri, care erau atat locuri de cazare si masa, cat si de comert, socializare, tratament.

Apoi au aparut vasele cu carbuni, care plecau de la Sulina daca nu ma insel, facand drumul pelerinilor mai usor. facut doar 4 ore si ceva cu avionul, o ora pana la Istanbul, si mai mult de trei ore Istanbul-Medina.

Am facut doua calatorii, una in decembrie 2008 si alta in august 2009. In total mai mult de 5 saptamani. Mi-am atins si ultimul stalp al Islamului, as putea spune ca sunt implinit. Mai ramane sa imi fac o familie si sa imi construiesc o cariera.

Revin cu primele poze, dupa ce le incarc pe photobucket.
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Promise to just look at the pics and keep my mouth shut. :D
More like Hindu or Hindu-Arabic numerals, but since they were passed to Europeans by arabs, they're better know as Arabic numerals in Europe. The ones used in the Middle East are Eastern Arabic numerals, whereas ours are Western Arabic.
So basically it's a beacon of modernity, secularism and freedom. What a surprise!:nuts:

The pictures themselves are great though! :cheers: I don't think I'd last too long in that heat, but at least it's a dry heat, unlike HK and Taiwan, so basically you roast instead of boil.
A few pics here:

As far as I know not all towers are completed. Is this right? Anyway, it's a pretty repulsive complex in my eyes and the only part of it I like is that clock, especially at night.
I don't know if they're trying to imitate Big Ben or not, but at least the clock looks nice.

Unfortunately very few towers in the Middle East (Israel included) look good. There are a few in Dubai, Burj Al-Mamlaka in Riyadh, a few in Turkey and I guess Doha (Qatar) takes the cake and really has something nice on offer. Generally though, the architecture is mediocre or downright ugly.
I hope they DO build it. It would be an awesome engineering work and will probably look decent at least. 1.6-km high is mind boggling, but better build it quick, before the oil runs out.;)
Cost: US$13.6 billion
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