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MECCA | Rawabi Abraj Al Bait | +300m x 4 | +984ft x 4 | 32-66 fl x 21 | Prep

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Saudi-based Jiwar Real Estate Management, Marketing and Development Company today announced the launch of its Rawabi Abraj Al Bait residential and commercial project in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, during Cityscape Dubai 2007, currently being held in Dubai.

Jiwar's Rawabi Abraj Al Bait project, which comprises 21 towers, stands out due to its prime location overlooking one of the holiest sites of Islam, Al Masjid al Haram. The launch of the project by Jiwar at Cityscape Dubai is expected to create a major buzz and reinforce the company's reputation of being associated with some of the most prestigious projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jiwar, one of the premier property developers in Saudi Arabia, is commemorating its fifth anniversary this year and is keen to celebrate its success over the years through the official launch of its latest project, at Cityscape Dubai. Another highlight for the company is the achievement of US$ 2 billion in sales in the short span of five years since it commenced operations.

Jiwar is the exclusive marketing agent for the prestigious Saudi Riyal (SR) 6 billion Abraj Al Bait project (King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project), being built close to the holy mosque in the holy city of Mecca. At the 2006 edition of Cityscape, the company had announced the sale of Hajer Tower - one of the seven towers of the project - to a group of investors from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in a deal worth SR 2.2 billion.
Dr. Saleh Habib, Chief Executive Officer, Jiwar, said, "In only five years since we commenced operations in the Saudi Arabian property market we have achieved considerable success and have launched several landmark projects. Being appointed as the exclusive marketing agent for the prestigious Abraj Al Bait project was testament to our expertise and in-depth market knowledge, and today as we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are glad to officially launch our Rawabi Abraj Al Bait project during Cityscape. The sought-after location of the project in Mecca and the various facilities it offers, make it highly appealing to investors in the Islamic world, and we believe an event of the scale of Cityscape is the ideal platform to launch this exclusive project."

"We are pleased to play a major role in Saudi Arabia's booming real estate market, which is expected to see new real estate construction amounting to SR 484 billion by 2010. As we embark on pioneering new real estate developments in the Kingdom, we look forward to the continued patronage of our clients and the support of our team of qualified and experienced professionals who have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction," he added.

Jiwar's Rawabi Abraj Al Bait project covers a total area of 2,722,593 square meters and boasts of world-class amenities including wireless connectivity, 24/7 security, high-speed elevators, restaurants, ample parking, medical facilities, prayer rooms and shopping malls.


last year's Hajj season (2009) Makkah hosted more than 4 million pilgrims and its predicted that the numbers will increase to over 10 million in 10 years
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Pretty ridiculous ..
Wall of the devil.
"Islamic Architectural Masterpiece" :lol:

well it hardly has anything to do with islamic architecture.
and it is anything but a masterpiece.
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this is so overkill that i would like to see it happening
Based on this model, look like only 2 towers will be @300m.
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Too much...Abraj Al Bait is awesome..But this is too much now..
Since Abraj al Bait already ruined the feel of the old town and the mosque, at this point I guess there's nothing wrong with even more monolithic constructions. I'm actually beginning to like it.
i actually like this, its sheer collossal size gives it a beauty... that podium is just unbelievably massive. it would also dwarf the largest building in the world by floor space by over 1200000 square metres(1.2 sqkm) (beating Dubai International Airport Terminal 3).

this thing has been at the edges of the radar for some years and it is a building i am very excited about.
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you will see that massive building complex from miles away
these towers gonna change mecca skyline
i don't like the design but i like the number of the towers
and how these towers close to each other
Just replace all of Mecca with this...
Too dense!
Have to be... the whole area will redefine the expresion "Highrise density" (not only this project)

I guess everyone want to build as much as they can at walking distance to the mosque.

-another render, without all the helipads:

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next to this project, there will be others skyscrapers in the future, that's why they built so dense?

because it's too massive imo :eek:hno:
this project is under construction already

this is Abraj Ab Bait Rawabi (behind abraj al bait) under construction:

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Is that the supertall tower under construction?
i think that the underconstuction picture is of Jabal Omar project which adds more than 150,000 worshippers to the mosque in its prayer halls:

The development is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2011, and is part of Makkah Development Authority’s plan to develop Makkah’s central region by 2020.

Jabal Omar, Makkah Al Mokarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
CLIENT: Jabal Omar Development Company
APPROX.VALUE: USD 3,200,000,000

The project will have 39 multiple-use residential and hotel towers with heights ranging from 20 to 48 stories while taking into consideration the increasing gradual elevation the from the grand mosque outward. The gross built-up area for the project is around 1.8 million square meters of which 30% is dedicated for public utilities and services. When completed, this mega complex of Towers and public courtyards will accommodate nearly 45,000 residents and 150,000 worshippers during peak periods.
GPME’s role would be to analyze all information flow channels and recommend the minimum IT requirements necessary to accommodate the large volumes of data that will be generated through the course of carrying out the project. Moreover, GPME will take on the responsibility of installing/configuring the servers and software in addition to customizing the backup database.

This is under construction right now and right next to Abraj al bait Rawabi but i'm not sure if there is a supertall here to create a thread for it yet ...

this pic was shot a few months ago

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That leaves that "Drb Al Khlel" segment on the map, what's that?
That leaves that "Drb Al Khlel" segment on the map, what's that?
Drb Al Khalil.

Jabal Khandama Development.

U/C l West Gate.

Cut Services to 535 properties to preparation for removal to King Abdulaziz Road tomorrow

Abdullah Aldahas -Makkah

Google Translator
Start the competent authorities in the capital from the holy tomorrow (Sunday) in the separation of water, electricity and telephone to (535) residential properties located within the first phase of the demolition and removal of property that fall within the scope of King Abdulaziz, who is one of the pilot projects for slum rarefaction in Makkah, and the company has set implemented in three phases to complete the project within three full years beginning with the start of the first phase, which include the removal of approximately (3700) of residential property.
Will begin the work of demolition and removal, and the twenty-fifth day of the month of Muharram, the current initial phase of the project, which includes real estate in the west of the Jabal Omar Street, and even take them.
The school administrators Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik medium and medium-Arafat
Shiba and primary and Ali ibn Abi Talib Primary School for Boys, located in the neighborhood Hafayer filed an application to the Center for the supervision of the center in Makkah to find out their status with near the services chapter, pointing out that these schools are located within the first phase of the project, which means that these schools will be transferred to other neighborhoods in the evening


Makkah real estate development lunched the largest real estate development for the development of slums

Al-Riyadh 22/12/2009

Google Translator
Proceed with the development of Makkah, real estate development next week of the first stage of a project on King Abdulaziz Road, thanks to all the services of more than 1200 drug will start with the demolition and removal in the twenty-fifth of this month, where the Declaration of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Mecca region Mecca actual beginning of the project. The company that developed the implementation of the project will last for three years and will be on three stages, "the first phase (a) of the project is the area west of the Jabal Omar Street up and dragged by a number of properties removed 535 properties with a total area of about 176 thousand square meters, and the stage I (b) is the neighborhood located west of St. Zharrin Abdullah Arif until the third ring road and is the number of properties removed 698 properties, a total area of 289 thousand square meters.

The first phase (c) is an area mosque, King Abdullah and a demilitarized zone where the number of real estate 601 total area of 130 thousand square meters, and the second phase is the implementation of the southern route of the project and a number of real estate properties expropriated in 1021 a total area of 226 thousand square meters, The third phase will disarm the rest of the property in the project, King Abdullah mosque to the east and dragged Street Mosque King Abdullah Arif Abdullah Street to the west, where will the number of real estate at this stage to 848 properties on a total area of about 381 thousand square meters.

The project of the King Abdulaziz first project to be implemented in Makkah in treatment programs and the development of slums in Mecca and a model in the development of slums in the capital through the opening of the holy major axes of radiation will contribute to remove many of the dilemmas of traffic and transport for the next move from the airport, King Abdulaziz, Jeddah Islamic Port in addition to the development of a number of slums in Makkah, which is going through its course automatically and works to improve them, physically, socially and security in accordance with the command

Royal, where the project will pass a number of slums has seen the Preparatory Committee of the treatment and the development of slums in Mecca that the project includes the King Abdulaziz Road slum next to it.

Referred to as the real estate expropriated by the King Abdulaziz about 3703 real estate value of damages of up to about 6 billion riyals where the procedures of 70% of the property expropriated as a prelude to vacate and demolish them.

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NEW (2008)

the high rise buildings which were built in the 80's and 70's are all demolished and being replaced
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