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Oh yes! :)

Central Spine has some serious competition if this article is to be believed.

They think it's all over. It isn't yet?

Media city's bid to woo the Beeb

QUAYS: Site of the bid.

DETAILS of a futuristic 200-acre Media City have been revealed as part of Salford's bid to lure the BBC when it sets up its headquarters in the north.

If the BBC chooses to move to Salford rather than Manchester, the broadcaster would be at the heart of the massive new development, surrounded by media-linked businesses.

The BBC is set to move north to Manchester or Salford in 2010 with 1,500 jobs and five departments switching from London.

A decision on which site the BBC prefers is due in June. Manchester has already said it could generate 4,400 jobs if it wins.


But the development on land in Salford and Trafford, all owned by Peel Holdings - owners of the Trafford Centre shopping mall - would be a modern city with its own attractions.

These would include narrow streets, shops, apartments, public squares, another bridge across the Manchester Ship Canal and everything modern city dwellers need from "doctors and dentists to dry cleaners and delis".

The development - to be called Media City UK - would also have floating "pods" in dock basins to be used for conferences, electronic signage beamed on to windows, a custom-built studio for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, public art embedded into the fabric of buildings, and possibly a high school nearby specialising in media studies.

SUPREMO: Ms Goodey.Visitors

The location already attracts 4m visitors a year thanks partly to The Lowry arts centre and nearby Imperial War Museum.

The scheme is an alternative to Manchester's bid to lure the BBC to a site known as the "Central Spine" between Oxford Road and Chester Road.

Salford is confident that its bid led by the city council, Peel, and Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company can succeed. Felicity Goodey, team leader of the Salford bid, said: "This is bigger than just Salford. It is important to the North of England and for UK plc.

"We've nowhere like it in the UK. Media City would allow creative energy to explode into thousands of applications and we have the space to nurture hundreds of businesses and thousands of talented people for the future.


"We have existing fantastic cultural attractions. The BBC would be a magnet for other independent production companies, who will make films and programmes for them.

"We already have five radio stations based at the Quays and 130 media-related companies."

The first phase of the scheme would include a major commercially-operated studio complex and visitor attractions, including shops and bars, hotels, and gyms.

There would also be high quality buildings suitable for the BBC and a mix of affordable and "executive" housing.

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get your teeth into this.

The BBC’s potential move to The Quays

As a visitor to The Lowry website, we’d like to keep you updated on the possibility of a very exciting and significant new development on The Quays.

The aim of The Lowry was to act as a catalyst for major urban regeneration and to bring international quality arts and entertainment to the region. Successful in both, The Lowry boasts an award-winning programme of events and contributes towards a wide range of economic, cultural and community benefits for the North West.

The Lowry has created a new destination for business and leisure, achieving national and international impact. Now The Quays is one of two sites identified for the BBC to relocate eight major departments out of London. Final bids and proposals are currently being completed and the outcome will be known in June.

The information below has been prepared by Felicity Goodey, Lifetime President of
The Lowry and leader of the bid team on behalf of partners Peel Holdings, Salford City Council and Central Salford Urban Regeneration company.

Media City UK
The key to being a successful media city in global terms is to create a place which encourages good conversations. Most creativity is collaborative and comes out of interaction and conversation. But creative talent is not confined to academics, hi-tech corporations or media professionals. The trick is to create a place where creatives can also rub shoulders with those with no formal training or experience. Kids armed with mobile phones are daily demonstrating there is a wealth of talent waiting to be harnessed. So argued Charlie Leadbeater, author of ‘Building the Knowledge-driven Economy’ when he came to Salford in November. He confirmed what our advisor Michael Joroff from MIT had already told us: the BBC’s proposed move north should be seen not in terms of today’s media and creative industries but as an opportunity for the UK to capitalise on the new, digital media age… and scale is important.

The Vision
A globally significant new media city capable of competing with emerging media cities such as Copenhagen, Seoul and Singapore, almost all of which have been developed on 100 acres plus. A modern, digital city for the UK, where creative talent is drawn by the quality and the excitement of the environment and the range and mix of people. A place designed to stimulate conversations and exchange ideas. A destination which is both secure and inclusive, as attractive to the ‘locals’ as it is to global media players such as the Googles and the Apples. Media City UK will anticipate changing lifestyles, be linked internally and externally with the latest technologies, be a place where people live, work, play, and learn. Together they will create new ways of informing, educating and entertaining audiences world-wide or just hang out.

The Location
Manchester’s waterfront, its former docks, today’s Salford Quays. Ten minutes from the commercial centre point of Manchester, surrounded by three major universities, it is already a place where more than thirteen thousand people work, many in creative industries like the new XFM radio station; nearly three thousand live here, some in modest townhouses, others in million pound penthouse apartments. Every year tens of thousands of children come to learn - script writing from one of the writers of Shameless, composition from one of The Smiths, drama with the National Youth Theatre. Each year more than four million visitors come and ‘play’ - international Triathlon championships; water sports, from windsurfing to fishing; art, international theatre, opera, dance, light entertainment at The Lowry, major exhibitions at the Imperial War Museum North, matches and concerts at close neighbours Manchester United and Old Trafford Cricket Club.

The Proposition
The site faces south and can be expanded to cover more than 200 acres. At the heart of Media City will be a first phase of 35 acres specifically designed, managed and equipped to accommodate the BBC and other media and media-related companies, large and small. It will be managed and secured by a dedicated public-private partnership with resources to ensure the zone is kept at the forefront of latest ICT developments. Planning permission for mixed use development on this site has already been secured. Phase one will embrace The Lowry and Daniel Leibskind’s Imperial War Museum North and span the Manchester Ship Canal. The urban design uses the water and a huge variety of public spaces to create excitement and interest. Architects and artists will be encouraged to compete for commissions large and small to ensure the widest possible range of artworks, buildings and designs. Media City UK will include living, working and learning space, together with all the amenities needed to attract and retain talented people who are in demand world-wide. The site is wholly owned by Peel Holdings who, together with their partners Salford City Council and the Central Salford U.R.C, will develop and manage the site to include:

• A major new studio complex, commercially operated.
• The creation of a major visitor destination with shops, bars, hotels, leisure etc.
• A complex of well-designed buildings suitable for the BBC and others.
• Training and incubator facilities with active links to production, post-production and other resident media companies, especially the ‘indies’; these facilities will serve and be connected to sites across the North of England.
• Cheap, flexible work and live / workspace for small creative companies.
• Housing – including executive and affordable accommodation.
• A major new access road creating a fast link to the motorway network to all parts of the North of England.
• The Manchester metrolink already serves the site; public transport services will be enhanced to enable easy access from all parts of the region.

Interest from media, including several well-known content providers, and media related companies wishing to co-locate in the Media City is already significant.

The Development Team
Media City UK will be driven by a public-private partnership of Salford City Council and Peel Holdings, co-ordinated by Central Salford URC. It will complement Manchester City Centre, significantly enhance the Manchester City region and provide a major catalyst for the development of UK media and new media industries. The team is being advised by Michael Joroff of MIT, a member of the Cambridge MIT group, currently advising on media city development in Seoul and Saragossa. Peel Holdings are one of the few developers in the country who have a track record of developing and managing major complex sites of this size. They wish to retain the site for the long term. A special purpose vehicle, together with local planning regimes, will ensure the development of Media City UK as a major public asset.

The potential for the North of England and the UK
The German government placed a major TV facility in Leipzig to kick-start the economy after reunification. Today Leipzig has more than 1,500 media enterprises, a turnover of three billion euros and 8 out 10 citizens work in media, ICT or cultural industries – that’s 40,200 jobs.

Media City UK is the opportunity for the North of England to establish a globally competitive industry for the digital age.

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Michael L. Joroff, the mastermind behind Salfords bid.

Michael L. Joroff is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning, for which he directed the Laboratory of Architecture and Planning for 18 years. He consults about corporate real estate strategy and workplace-making with corporations in the United States, Europe and Japan. His particular specialties relate to organizational diagnostic and design, using the workplace-making process to drive organizational development, problem and opportunity framing, alignment of workplace and business strategy, and innovation in the workplace industry.

Research Activities
Founder and program director:

MIT Joint Program for Building Energy, with Leon Glicksman, 1983- 1990
MIT-Shimuzu Building Research Program, with David Marks, 1982-1987
MIT-Korean Institute of Construction Program, 1980-1985
MIT-National Park Service Cooperative Research Program, 1979-1985
MIT East Asian Architecture and Planning Program, 1980 – present
MIT Joint Program for Housing Technology, with John Crowley, 1990-1995

Industry analysis projects

Director, Corporate Real Estate 2000, a five year research program that redefined the global management of corporate real estate, sponsored by 40 global corporations, 1993-1998
Co-director with Michael Bell, The Agile Workplace, a two-year research program about the future workplace, sponsored by 22 global corporations, 1999- 2001
Distributed work-related research projects and consulting for such organizations as:

IBM, Nokia, Nissan, Goldman Sachs, Cigna, American Express, Sun Microsystems, Kodak, British Telecom, AT&T, Xerox, US General Services Administration and numerous health care institutions.

Distributed work-related economic development research projects and consulting in the United States, Japan and Korea, England and Brazil.

Professional Education Courses
Sixteen years of professional education for corporate infrastructure managers in the US, UK and Japan through MIT professional education programs and programs of professional associations.

Co-founder and member of the executive committee for the globally-oriented Journal of Corporate Real Estate.

Major Relevant Publications:
Excellence by Design: Transforming Workplace and Work Practice, Turid Horgen. Michael Joroff, William Porter and Donald Schön, John Wiley & Sons, 1999
The Agile Workplace: Supporting People and Their Work, co-editor with Michael Bell, MIT and Gartner, December 2001
The Fifth Corporate Resource: The Workplace, M. Joroff, M. Louragand, S. Lambert, F. Becker, 1993; Reinventing the Workplace, F. Becker and M. Joroff, 1994; Managing the Reinvented Workplace, F. Becker and M. Joroff, 1995; Team Space, W. Sims. M. Joroff, F. Becker; Manufacturing and the Lean Portfolio; F. Becker and M. Joroff, 1996. All published by the International Development Research Association, the global association of corporate real estate professionals.
Numerous articles about corporate infrastructure management and workplace design and management in professional journals

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Cheers JRB - golden grahams of info from you again fella.
I've just had a creative news mag posted through my front door - not had chance to butcher through it but they usually have some insider articles in there (in fact looking at the front cover the International Festival is covered this month).

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WOW! :shocked:

Imagine what Salford Quays could look like? :drool:

Mr Joroff has as been involved in Koreas Seoul Digital Media City.

The Digital Media City (DMC) is a new town development in Seoul's Sangam
area. It is an incubator for the creation of digital media and it's application to all aspects of business, personal and community life. It is a place for cultural fusion and a twenty-first century laboratory for innovation.

DMC is 7km away from the center of Seoul. It is located on the way from Inchon and Kimpo airport to Seoul and if Kyung-ui Railroad service going through North Korea to Siberia starts, DMC will be a strategic place for the unification of North and South .
Seoul City has already finished establishing and extending the roads around DMC. More over, Sooseek Station on Subway number 6 and the nonpolluting Monorail which will be the new means of transportation inside DMC will make the public transportation much convenient. Ka-yang bridge, Sung-san bridge and the second Sung-san bridge will fastly lead to the IT enterprises which are located at the south of Han river.

Digital Media City (DMC) is a place where media technology, industry and cultural arts are harmonized with the city environment.
The master plan for Seoul¡¯s DMC proposes the DMS as its main street and this means that Digital Media Street (DMS) will be the key element of DMC . DMS will not only be a place testing new products, events and technology but also a place that will set an atmosphere of excitement, creativity and innovation for all those people who pass on the street - those who go to work and to their homes as well as visitors from throughout the world.

Digital Media City (DMC) is a place where media technology, industry and cultural arts are harmonized with the city environment.
The master plan for Seoul¡¯s DMC proposes the DMS as its main street and this means that Digital Media Street (DMS) will be the key element of DMC . DMS will not only be a place testing new products, events and technology but also a place that will set an atmosphere of excitement, creativity and innovation for all those people who pass on the street - those who go to work and to their homes as well as visitors from throughout the world.

Digital facade.

Seoul Digital Media City site

More information.

More images.

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Crikey - looks like Salford may be serious contenders afterall...

I'm torn - the Salford site could be stunning - but I want the BBC slap bang in the middle of Manchester city centre...

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I want both. I'd really like the BBC in the city centre, but also want this sort of massive development to go ahead at the quays.
However, i can see central spine happening with or without the BBC. But i cant see this happening without them. Therefore i hope the beeb opts for the quays.

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rolybling said:
which is where it will end up BG, don't worry your bearded self about it :)
I'm sure you're right - the Salford plan almost seems too fantastical and ambitious - might work against them in seeming like a bit of a pipedream...

Central Spine seems far more concrete (not literally...I hope) and practical.

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Thanks again jrb.

I think this indicates the vision I've had for a while now. I can imagine From BBC Manchester and a panning shot of sunlight gleaming off water, a sailboat, greenery, parkland, gleaming 21st century buildings, cut to a shot from inside the studio with the Manchester skyline out the picture window, zoom into Old Trafford... ahhhh. And there'll be somewhere to park for the staff so they can live in Altrincham and drive to work instead of being crushed up on some smelly tube or bus or tram.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't care whether the BBC go to Central Spine or Salford Quays. But I think the single ownership and the waterside business park vision offered by the latter make it less likely that the BBC will find cause to stay in London. So I prefer Salford Quays.

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Salford is probably the better option, it has room and can provide the BBC with no excuses not to expand it's Manchester facilities whereas a City Centre site gives the BBC the oportunity to say "Well yes we'd like to transfer more production to Manchester but the site is very constricted"

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Personally i would prefer Central Spine ,, but if its in the Quay's fair enough ,, both sites will have massive benefits for Manchester .

I just wish them turd's at the MEN , will stop making it out as a battle between Manchester and Salford , where is this journalist from ? Leeds .
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