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Medina, NY

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Medina is a village in Albion County, on the Erie Canal. The village was incorporated in 1832 after becoming a port when the Canal opened in 1825, and has a population of around 6,500.

Houses on Main Street at William Street.

A house on Elm Street.

Houses on Elm Street.

Houses on West Avenue.

A house on West Avenue.

Houses on West Avenue.

The Walsh House, an old hotel on West Avenue.

Houses on Park Avenue.

More houses on Park Avenue.

The D.A.A. Buck House on Park Avenue, home of D.A.A. Buck, who invented the Waterbury watch and the smallest steam engine in the world for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.

A house on Park Avenue at Catherine Street.

Houses on Park Avenue.

Houses on Center Street at West Avenue.

Houses on Oak Orchard Street.

Houses on Main Street.

Businesses on Main Street, including the Fuller building from 1875.

Buildings on Main Street.

Businesses on Main Street.

Buildings on Main Street.

More buildings on Main Street.

Restaurants on Main Street.

Houses on Prospect Avenue.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church on West Avenue from Eagle Street.

The Frances Folsom House on Main Street at Eagle Street. Folsom lived here in the 1860s and 1870s with her grandmother. She married Grover Cleveland, who became the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

Houses on Commercial Street.

An apple monument on the other side of the Erie Canal, along Glenwood Avenue.

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I like the apple monument. Can you tell us more about it?
Medina has a lot of impressive looking commercial buildings for a town of 6,500. I don't know of many towns with that. I also like how the houses are old and spread out like suburban-style or newer homes.
Medina is nice, visited last summer when I went to the Medina Railroad Museum. Supposedly the operating HO layout inside is the largest in NYS. Also quite a bit of firefighting memorabilia and a giant Heinz pickle as well. They also do foliage trains in the fall but we didn't have time for that. Maybe this year.

Had dinner at a little diner on Main St, in fact I think it was the one next to the pizzeria under the "Kids Eat Free" banner. Didn't see the apple, though.

I'm planning this fall on taking a tour of several of these Orleans County villages for apple picking. I haven't heard a bad thing yet.

In your 12th picture - if that idiot put as much into maintaining his house (whichever of the two, but the right one in particular if that's his) as he does into his POS hummer, he'd had a really nice looking house. Too bad. Nothing like throwing all your money into something that's guaranteed to depreciate.
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I used to deliver paint for Sherwin Williams, and one day I was supposed to drop off paint in Lockport...3 hours later I was in Medina!!!!! Whoops, it was nice though
albion county? you mean orleans county

i grew up about 10 minutes from medina...played alot of baseball and golf there
albion county? you mean orleans county

i grew up about 10 minutes from medina...played alot of baseball and golf there
Oops, I got that mixed up, since I also took pictures of Albion. The two sound kind of the same.
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