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Welcome to Mehfil Pakistan, a separate forum for Pakistanis of all ages, enjoy your stay here and help us promote Pakistan !

Please take a few minutes to go through our rule book below;

Mehfil Pakistan Rule Book

We have deleted a few rules, while added a few aswell. Please make sure you go through them, we have created them in an easy pattern so it will be much easier to navigate through them.

1) Language

English is the main and base language at Mehfil Pakistan. Considering Urdu is our National Language, it is allowed at a certain level. As long as people understand what you are writing, it maybe allowed, but not if its detailed and longer then 2 lines.

If that, then please translate it, the same goes for news articles in Urdu.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Foul Language

- Abusing anyone in a Second Language

2) Posting (a)

Posting is a privilege given to you by Skyscrapercity Forums, please use it responsibly. Always post in the right forum and right thread, and always post in an educated and respectable manner.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Offensive and meaningless posts

- Derailing a thread

Posting (b)

As our forums continue to grow, people from all over Skyscrapercity Forums come to post in our forums, these rules are being put in, in view of the current situation.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Do not make any negative comments or posts in Mehfil Pakistan if you are from the other side.
Example: No Indian forum member should make any negative comments or posts about Pakistan in the Pakistan sub-forum.

- If you do continue to post, you will be warned, or brigged or banned if necessary, depending on the situation and the nature of the posts.

3) Discussions

An intellectual discussion is always welcome at Mehfil Pakistan, you are allowed to discuss anything you wish as long as it does not offend anyone, or any country for that matter.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Discussing other countries (Unless its a friendly discussion)

- Deliberately discussing sensative or offensive issues

4) Sensitive Issues

As the name suggests, these are discussions that are sensitive to people, if not everyone. Our goal here is to make this place better for everyone therefore discussing sensitive issues is not allowed.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Discussing previous wars fought by Pakistan

- Discussing about the East Pakistan tragedy, or any other sensitive region.

5) Religion

Religious discussions often end on a sour note, therefore discussing religion, religious matters would from now on be strictly avoided. Please stay away from these and avoid replying if anyone tries to start such a discussion, instead PM one of the Moderators. The person who starts these discussions would be handed an Infraction, or a straight BAN depending on the post.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Deliberately bringing Religion in threads/posts.

- Labelling fellow members "weak" in faith, and anything along those lines.

6) Politics

Discussion of politics, and everything relating to politics is not allowed at Mehfil Pakistan. We feel, after having politics allowed for several years, that it leads to endless discussions, arguments and name calling. It also promotes a division between the members of the forum. There may, however, be a time where politics maybe allowed, mainly during events such as National elections, however, this is again at the discretion of the Moderators.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Starting a political debate and;

- Derailing a thread due to that

7) Confrontations

Confrontations are strictly monitored here, therefore kindly avoid any confrontations. If you need to discuss any issues such as if your post has been deleted or if you have been handed down an Infraction, please use the Private Message (PM) feature given to you by Skyscrapercity Forums.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Confrontation with any fellow Member

- Confrontation with a Moderator

8) Negativity

The use of negativity promotes negativity. Please avoid such actions, be positive, and enjoy your stay here.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Inciting Hate

- Negativity towards a fellow member, any living being and/or any country.

9) Celebration

You are allowed to express your feelings, as long as they do not offend anyone.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Celebrating a death

- Offensive celebrations

10) Identities

As per Skyscrapercity Forums, you are allowed to keep a single Membership identity for yourself. If you are Banned or Brigged you are not permitted to obtain a additional identity as that will make you liable for a straight ban.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Reregistering after a Ban or a Brig

- Invisible IDs (Using an additional ID just to browse through while using another one to post)

11) Pictures, Videos, News & Updates articles

You may post pictures, videos and articles that you would like to share, whether its your own or a city that you represent. Please make sure the pictures and videos are not offensive or do not bear any offensive remarks. And please credit people if you are using their pictures and/or videos.

Below are the issues that are totally unacceptable:

- Pornography, videos inciting hate towards a country or a living being

- Stealing content, primarily pictures from Mehfil Pakistan without proper credit being issued to the forum and/or the original member who posted them

12) Advertisements

Adverts of any kind are not allowed on our site. Please do not promote a merchandise or a fellow competitor of Skyscrapercity Forums. Continuous promoting will be labeled as Spamming, which is not permitted.

Below are the issues which are totally unacceptable:

- Hardcore advertising

- Indirect advertising through mediums such a Private Messages and emails

13) Privacy

We respect your privacy, and you should ours.

Below are the issues which are totally unacceptable:

- Disclosing private information of any member, living being or country.

- Not respecting others privacy, or indulging in others private issues, and/or asking personal questions about a person's age/residence/appearance.

14) No Personal Attacks (NPA)

As it says, we are all mature here and attacking any or each other is simply childish, therefore it should be avoided. Please respect each other and each other's point of views.

Below are the issues which are totally unacceptable:

- Attacking a fellow member for any reason.

- Constant indirect attacks against the member and/or useless "bullying".


Please be noted that these rules have been made for you, and for your safety.

Failure to do so would result in the following methods:

First offense: Warning, in a thread or via PM

Second offense: Brig or Ban

Third offense: Permanent Ban

We respect your comments, and are always open for discussions via PM. If you have any suggestions or criticisms, please be feel free to contact a moderator.

Information on the Moderator(s):


Moderating since: 11th of Aug 2007

Private Message: PM KB


Moderating since: 22nd of September 2016

Private Message: PM m.sohaib98


Moderating since: 30th of October 2017

Private Message: PM Pak_Forever

Thank you and enjoy the forums :)
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