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Melb visit June 2009 Part B

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Final part, Friday

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Those ''commish towers'' in Williamstown would have the best views of Melbourne.
More great pics, thanks for showing them.
Hope you had a nice time and werent bored.....:)
Williamstown is one part of Melbourne I have yet to explore. The skyline looks impressive from there these days.

It amazes me how much clearer the Yarra seems to appear as it winds its way through the CBD these days. Not as brown as some people are led to have made me believe.

The projects at Docklands, Exhbition and Convention Centre and Yarras Edge have added some life and vitality to the western end of the city as well.
Felt like I was on the ferry with you Aussie Bhoy!
Well done!! :applause: :eek:kay:
Couple of extra photos taken with the phone

Just been to the Transport Bar and the Riverland Bar, next stop is Young and Jacksons, and from there it was a long drinking night including the Manchester Lane Bar, Cookie, the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, the Cricketer's Bar, a couple of bars opposite each other in Meyer Place (Waiters Rest?), 2 places in Carlton (a pub and an upstairs place maybe called the Pavillion) all getting a bit fuzzy with names, but I definitly know the last place was Bridie O'Reillys in Brunswick.

Thanks to my hosts the 2 AC's went on a Saturday drive to Whittlesea, Kinglake (where's the lake?), Yarra Glen and Warrandyte. The burnt out areas are oddly beautiful, and eerie, especially when it got misty. Very sad for the locals though. Amazing to see some houses burnt out totally, and the neighbouring house untouched.

Sadly I didn't take my camera, and the phone battery ran out so this is the only photo I got.

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I really like those extra 3 pics, St Pauls looks deliciously evil with the crowded streets at night.....:)
You better not head into Williamstown! It's the western suburbs, you might be killed. :cheers:
Awesome shots. Well done.
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