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MELBOURNE > Carlton Brewery Site - Swanston Square - Bouverie St Apartments - completed & u.c

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too many interesting points/pics to note, so just carry on from the previous thread

quick reference

if blabby and bronty are happy, it must be good!

anyway i thought QV was impressive when being built but this site will be something else
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^^ must have been taken by a great man
so does that plan suggest the arm dual tower could be essentially blocked from view by an 85m rmit building? looking from swanston that is
best it stays in this thread, 8L is nothing to write home about
construction huts, grocon equipment and machinery

almost time to focus the camera's on this part of town
interesting v-shaped footprint. great building
little different when grocon pays for the advertising space and therefore has control of what they put in their own ad
nice work bomber

is the eastern facade of the stork a bit of artistic license or true to planning document?
bit more activity all over site
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^^ big difference between acting as the developer/builder and just a builder. all the equipment/materials/workers can be sourced from up north - it wouldn't be a massive drain on their resources.

finding a billion and change to build cub is a different story
interesting to see the patterned concrete on the underside of the pixel floorplate, exposed concrete ceilings, where do the fire systems ect. go?

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Todays Financial Review has a small article stating that marketing for Stage 1 of CUB site will commence in September this year.

Grocon have confirmed, Coles, Kmart, Dick Smith and Dan Murpheys as tenants for the retail component of Stage 1.

Stage 1 will include a 27 storey residential tower with 400 'premium' apartments with views down Swantson/St Kilda Road to the Shrine of Rememberance.

Stage 2 will include an '80,000sqm' office tower. No further details provided.

did i miss something? 27L residential, is this getting the chop?
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it's in the trees!

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the razzle dazzle, fins over the front and it's ready to occupy. now for the main game

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design hub, disregard the other buildings

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further plans are in for the smaller towers i'm guessing
how does a 30L residential building cost $330 million?
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