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MELBOURNE > Carlton Brewery Site - Swanston Square - Bouverie St Apartments - completed & u.c

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too many interesting points/pics to note, so just carry on from the previous thread

quick reference

if blabby and bronty are happy, it must be good!

anyway i thought QV was impressive when being built but this site will be something else
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i prefer the cleaner design above compared to the initial concept below. will also be easier to build and market with a more uniform rectangular floorplate (for the most)

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50 apartments, most apartments sold for $1 million, $100 million price tag.

something's not right in that equation
20 different designs for this development, just fucking build something already...
dont worry about qantas, his sky is always falling...head for the hills
good website

any danger anything at cub will be built anytime soon? seems grocon have taken on nsw/qld and beyond and managed to drop the ball down here...
glimpses of redesign

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would they not need to do a QV and excavate the entire site? may start in march but not be complete prior to late 2014?
hey something might happen this decade...

05/06/2012. 2-76 Bouverie Street Carlton

Use and development of the land below RL35 for approved Building 5 and to carry out alterations and additions to the Swanston Street Malstore heritage building and use for Office and Retail premises and modifications to the heritage bluestone wall on Bouverie St to create vehicle access and a reduction in the number of car parking spaces.
find it interesting that multiplex has tendered for the build on 551 swanston st (portrait). anyways shouldn't be too far off starting
Are Grocon that stretched that they can't build it themselves?!
either that or they have sniffed the industrial relations wind...
aptum have commenced siteworks
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recently renamed company, anyway

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works are through the middle of the site
21 - 37 of 3116 Posts
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