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I'm lifting some of this over from a well-established and busy Melbourne Bayside projects thread because I think it has wider significance and is a bit hidden there. Forgive me if it seems an excess of enthusiasm, but I live in the area.

After years of squabbling and angst, renders and details for the $300m redevelopment of Melbourne's iconic St Kilda Triangle site have appeared today, to overwhelming applause on our local forum.

Hanging gardens, Spanish Stairs, a new subterranean street, lots of open green space and cutting edge design elements. It feels like Ashton Raggatt McDougall have pulled off a miracle.

Given that it was going to be impossible to please everyone at this long-neglected and sensitive beachside site, atm it seems the local action group the Esplanade Alliance are the almost the only ones still complaining - and even that is fairly muted. Point is, this is a development of national significance in Melbourne's most famous visitor inner suburb.

Here's a best-attempt scan of the big render in The Age this morning, and other lifted-across details from the
Bayside project thread follows..

I'll try to scan the article which is not on The Age Online atm.

video link posted by Goyougoodthing:
The triangle site design has been announced, finally..... is the page on the Port Phillip site, and it includes a nifty 1:12sec video fly around of the site.

It looks busy, interesting, complicated, but includes some exciting looking designs - if delivered to a high standard.

Article posted by Silvermb

$300m plan chosen to transform St Kilda triangle

Cameron Houston
May 25, 2007

A $300 MILLION scheme by Sydney developer Citta Property Group will today be announced as the winner of the long-running tender process to redevelop St Kilda's triangle site, while legendary rock venue the Palace is destined for the wrecker's ball.

Sources have confirmed that the plan, designed by Melbourne architects Ashton Raggatt McDougall and financed by Babcock & Brown, received the stamp of approval from Port Phillip Council yesterday.

Planning Minister Justin Madden will announce the decision this afternoon.

Citta's proposal is believed to have narrowly beaten a rival bid from Melbourne developer Andrew Rettig because it had more public spaces and a stronger focus on environmental design. A third consortium, led by trucking magnate Lindsay Fox and listed developer Mirvac, was eliminated in January.

While members of the winning consortium have booked St Kilda's Cafe Di Stasio and Donovans restaurant to celebrate today's announcement, the operators of the Palace nightclub have finally conceded defeat.

After a three-year legal challenge that is believed to have cost more than $5 million, the down-at-heel nightclub — renowned for its sticky carpets and raucous rock music — will close its doors for the last time next month.

Spokesman Alan Evers-Buckland yesterday ruled out a High Court challenge. He said the operators would vacate the site on June 12, despite previous threats to barricade himself in the building and stage a resistance gig.

"The legal battle has been like David versus Goliath," he said. "It has been a small businessman tackling a government with an endless budget."

But live music is poised to find a new home, with Palace owner Jerry Pilarinos believed to have made an offer of about $10 million for the Metro nightclub in Bourke Street.

Under the winning Citta-ARM bid, the foreshore site next to Luna Park will become a multilevel commercial development with more than 30,000 square metres of shops, cinemas and a supermarket.

The building will have interconnecting plazas leading to a staircase, based on Rome's Spanish Steps, leading down to Jacka Boulevard. A source said the stairs would be named the Catani Steps, after Italian engineer Carlo Catani, who designed much of St Kilda's beachfront.

The rear of the heritage-listed Palais Theatre will be developed into the Hotel Terzini, named after Melbourne restaurateur Maurice Terzini, who founded South Yarra's Caffe e Cucina.

The $35 million hotel will have more than 80 rooms, a ground-floor bar and a rooftop restaurant, to be known as the Rainbow Room.

The owner of Richmond's Pearl Restaurant, Geoff Lindsay, has registered interest in the foreshore area, while there are also plans for a second MoVida restaurant, a Brunetti cafe and a pub by Julian Gerner, who runs the Albert Park Hotel.

article posted by Archibomber about an international dimension - the Ministry of Sounds involvement.

Ministry of Sound to open in Melbourne

May 25, 2007 05:02pm
The Herald Sun

INTERNATIONAL dance club brand Ministry of Sound will open its first Australian venue at one of Melbourne's latest developments.
Part of the historic St Kilda seafront is set for a $60 million makeover, which will also restore the resort's heritage-listed Palais theatre to its former glory, Port Phillip mayor Janet Bolitho said today.

The 15,000 square-metre "Triangle'' site will also feature a rabbit warren of rambling lanes, promenades and walkways linking entertainment venues, art spaces and retail outlets once completed.

"This is a clever and considered use of the space, a who's who of Melbourne and Australian architects, hospitality, fashion and live music industries,'' Ms Bolitho said today.

"It's everything you love about St Kilda, only more of it.''

A consortium led by Babcock & Brown was today named as the winning bidder to develop the dilapidated site.

The new design would remain true to Federation-era St Kilda architect Carlo Catani, the City of Port Phillip said.

"This is a truly remarkable result ... it (the Triangle) is certainly known as a tired and iconic site, which will be turned into an inspiration,'' Victorian Planning Minister Justin Madden said.

The development has not been without some controversy, however, with iconic rock venue the Palace set to be replaced by new entertainment venues, including a Ministry of Sound dance club and The Basement jazz club.

State Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said the Palace would be missed and called for the site's development to be sensitive in keeping with the vibe of the foreshore.

"It's been an awful long time since I rocked and rolled at the Palace. It's been a very popular venue and I hope another venue which serves the same purpose can be found,'' Mr Baillieu said.

"I haven't seen the details of the design, but I think whatever we do there has to reflect the foreshore, has to retain the views and has to retain the entertainment heritage in the area."


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Scan of most of the article below the renders. Sorry: it's too wide to capture all of it, and bit hard to read - but worth the effort for anyone interested in this special site.
No doubt we'll get the full piece from somewhere soon.

New forecourt of the fabulous Palais, which gets a $20m opgrade

The Cinema and William Angliss campus, wrought iron in white inspired by Sidney Nolan's painting of Luna Park across the street :

other elements


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The little animation video - originally posted by Goyougoodthing off the Port Phillip website, is really worth seeing. You can do a circle fly-around and get a clear idea of the whole thing (keep clicking 'Play' if it stops) :

Pick it up off the first post on this thread. I can't seem to capture the link here.

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Looks good. Well done Melbourne taking care of the arts! All other cities (especially Sydney) should be ashamed of themselves!!

I love how you can catch a flight from Sydney for an hr and be in Europe! This will even add to the flavour. Looks good! Cant wait til it finishes.

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I've always hoped for Jacka Bvd/ Marine Pde to be tunneled from where the Espie is to Luna park so as to extend the beach parks (and the new developments listed in this thread) right up to The Esplanade. I'm totally ignorant to any historical or sentimental reasons as to why this isn't ideal, and obviously the cost might be prohibitive for the engineering necessary. Anyway, one can dream. The plans above look fantastic as they are! Loooovin' the Sydney Nolan inspired facade.

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Nope, it does - but its the perspective playing in the aerial I think - it's quite a big area - and, of course, you have to take The Palace out of the picture too.

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i am really delighted by this project...
i wonder though that $350M will be enough to complete these major undertakings!

I am excited with Maurice Terzini boutique hotel plan (Next to the Palais). Maurice is a successful restaurateur & businessman (E Cuchina & Il Bacaro Melbourne & Icebergs Sydney). He will bring some new concept and ideas to the project (It was mentioned that the rooms will have vertical gardens? what the hecks?)

The famous Melbourne institution - MoVida Spanish restaurant will open its second restaurant - which will blend well with the cosmopolitant St Kilda surrounding ! and Geoff Lindsay famous restaurant Pearl will have its second venue ! This will be an exciting playground :)

just love the public spaces overlooking the bay.. very nice in deed
and i like the Palms too !:lol:
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