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Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhood

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I have posted these in my thread in Urban Space

My Melbourne Momments

I decided to post these photos here for fellow Ozscapers ...

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Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods - Part 1

Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 1

On last Easter Monday - we were blessed with beautiful warm autumn weather in Melbourne and it was an ideal day to go out and enjoy the city.

My other half decided to check some of the houses that his ancestors used to live in Melbourne. We are talking around 2 to 3 generations up and about 1910-1920 periods

The areas we were visiting are now became the city's hip and expensive inner city suburbs and I took this opportunity to capture the areas and the difference house styles in Melbourne neighbourhoods.


Barkly Street, Carlton

The map of Carlton and Carlton North

Cartlon is known to little Italy village in Melbourne due to its history for the Italian migrants.
It is the first suburb of the northern side of City grid - and its famous food and cafe strip called Lygon st divides the heart of Cartlon

It is so handy to get to the city and it has plethora of cafes and restaurants and other modern convenient

There are many Victorian style of terrace houses and now they are fetching prices well above $1M mark to buy.

My other half ancestor used to live in one of those terrance houses and I can assure you that the areas have plenty of architectural delights

Canning St, Carlton North

Next one up to the northern side of Carlton. It is becoming a hip suburb with cute little cottage style homes alongside the wide streets

Edwardian style homes

All furnished and elaborate frontage

There are plenty of two storeys terrace houses around too

The city skyline is in the background
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Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 2

Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 2

From Carlton North - we went down to the CBD to East Melbourne

East Melbourne is one of those glamourous Melbourne inner suburbs and most affluent area in the city. It has magnificent terrace houses and one of the earliest grand homes are also located here.

The under construction luxury Apartment at Clarendon St has fetched record price of $18M for a penthouse.

There are plenty of elaborate terrace houses around this area and it has the famous Fitzroy Gardens to enjoy

East Melbourne

The maps

on the way to East Melbourne

the ancestor house

Mercy Hospital - groove curves

the soon to be Clarendon luxury apartment (used to be a hospital)

The Beautiful Fitzroy Gardens

the Autumn leaves in Fitzroy Gardens

Captain Cook Cottage


Then went to the public Toilet

Guess what i found inside...? and Ad for a pleasure...

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Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 3

Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 3

After a Japanese lunch at Federation Squre - our adventure continued on to the bayside suburbs of Albert Park

Albert Park - aaah... another one of the most desired areas for Melburnians. It is just a stone throw away from the CBD and the area has plenty of those magnificent Victorian houses and grand wide streets and all the conveniences for the modern lifestyles. The bay is just around the corner and there are plenty of parks and restaurants to enjoy around...

The only problem is that the price has skyrocketed so much and the nice terrace houses are selling at $2M++ price brackets....

We have no idea who are the current owners of those ancestorial homes and our wild guess was those houses have been sold years ago. We will find out at later stage for our living relatives .... some day

In the mean time -enjoy the streetscapes of Melbourne neighbourhoods....

Albert Park and Middle Park map

Merton St - Albert Park

The ancestoral house - corner block with massive dwelling.

Middle Park

Moving on - we checked few other houses in Middle Park - next suburb to the west. The houses were slightly smaller than Albert Park - yet still unaffordable to most

then we had afternoon cake and cup of coffee at its main street
The locals seem all blondes and highly maintained... :nuts:

The Bay

We ended up relaxing around the bay - pity it was rather dark as it was around 7pm
It was so peaceful and wonderful....and wonderful place to jog and bike riding around


Some photos for for properties for sale/sold in the area

Montage st Albert Park >$2M

At Middle Park for $1.5M

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nice one, I do like the old inner suburban housing in Melbourne. Very grand Victorian style. Dont want to be picky, but can anyone take any shots of Fitzroy's and Collingwood's back streets. I went for a ride around there a few years ago and it were beautiful, tree lined streets, in contrast to the dirty Smith Street.
i have 2 more parts to come
I will post them tomorrow... i have to iron shirts for work...!

yes eastadl - there are some fitzroy photos in next part! so watch this spaces

in the meantime - drop some comments and enjoy the tour!
Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 4

Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 4

Our little adventure continued.....

We started with a lazy Sunday lunch in one my favourite streets in Fitzroy - Gertrude St

I simply love Fitzroy - a quirky inner suburb of Melbourne full of artisans, fashion designers, and musicians give strong sense of bohemian flavour to the area

Fitzroy's most famous street is Brunswick street - yet Gertrude street is somewhat is favoured more by the locals for its unique appeal and its hidden enough for the locals to enjoy in their own spaces away from the tourists

Gertrude Street Fitzroy

Its one of the most funky street in Melbourne with array of great cafes, restaurants and unique shops

Builder Arms Hotel - its rather plush inside for a local Pub

campy little shop

Shops, art galleries, restaurants abound

Ladro restaurant on the right - a one hat restaurant and it's widely regarded as the best Pizza place in town (if you can get the booking!)

We went there a week before for weeknight dinner and the pizza maker is a as delicious as the food...

I love this one

The residential street scene just off Getrude st -- I wish to live here..

Mainly victorian terrace houses ... beautiful and ornate designs

We did then checked some houses in Carlton, Clifton Hill and ended the day with great dinner at this new spanish restaurant ANADA... back in Gertrude St...

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Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 5

Melbourne Inner City Neighbourhoods Part 5

Off Gertrude st - we then travelled around in this funky little pockets of Melbourne

I did manage to capture some of unique and interesting shops, buildings and surroundings

Smith St - Fitzroy/Collingwood

IMO Smith St is the least glamourous street in the area - yet still has lots of appeal and favoured by locals
Its dotted by bargain/warehouse stores offering cheap discounted items yet in some parts exude funkiness and off the mainstream

my other half ancestor used to live in the building no 300 - now a store

Some houses/stores just off Smith St

Darling Gardens, Cilfton Hill

The nasty thunderstorm the other week damaged some parts of this wonderful parks

Residential surrounding of Cilfton Hill

Beautiful inner city enclave and just within 5kms from city... lovely spot

Rathdowne St Carlton North

We took a break to have cake and coffee at another favourite streets of mine - Rathdowne St Carlton North

This wine cellar is considered the best one in the city... it has great selections of imported european wine and apperitif ....

Nicholson st, Moor St and Surrounding in beautiful Carlton

Carlton is just so nice with beautiful homes -mainly built during the Gold rush in late 1800 - and you can see the legacy of Melbourne wealth and money in these homes .

Its so close to the city and surrounded by parks and plenty of restaurants and cafes... great spot to enjoy Melbourne living.

A rundown house amongst the glamourous terrace houses

This corner property has been extended so big and it went up as well

The old and new collide

Another local pub (above)

the sun has set in Carlton so its time to go for dinner
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Carlton is very nice, but Collingwood is so interesting, especially the huge housing comission towers. I know they look Soviet style, but I reckon their cool.
Lovely shots; well done! Clifton Hill looks really nice. I've never been there, but it looks more like a rural town than an inner suburb. Thanks so much for sharing
i absolutely loved this break-out of colour. There's some others, but Melbourne's inner city could do with a bit more of this treatment I reckon.

Great tours as usual Ali - I always enjoy them.
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Looks like it always should!
Very good pictures indeed.
Very nice.
Gorgeous inner suburbs is what sets cities apart.
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