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Hey all

Melbourne Open House 2012 has released its buildings for this year.

28th and 29th July. Below is a list of all buildings. Some great ones I think: -

  • Block Arcade
  • Council House 2 - CH2
  • DesignInc
  • Federation Square
  • Lyons Office
  • Manchester Unity Building
  • Melbourne Town Hall and Offices
  • Myer Mural Hall
  • Queen Victoria Women's Centre
  • RMIT Building 113 - Capitol Theatre
  • Russell Place Substation
  • Scots Church and Assembly Hall
  • St Michael's Church
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • State Library of Victoria
  • The Melbourne Athenaeum
  • Wesley Uniting Church
  • 32 Kerr Street Apartments
  • 60L Green Building
  • Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership
  • FMSA Architecture
  • Grainger Museum
  • Hive Graffiti Apartments
  • Little Black Number
  • Melbourne City Baths
  • Melbourne General Cemetery
  • Newman College
  • Royal Children's Hospital
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital Tunnels and Towers
  • University of Melbourne - Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology
  • University of Melbourne - Melbourne Brain Centre
  • University of Melbourne - University House
  • University of Melbourne - Wilson Hall
  • Victorian Trades Hall
  • Melbourne City Synagogue
  • No 1 Spring Street
  • Old Treasury Building
  • Orica House
  • Parliament House
  • Peter Mac Radiation Therapy Bunkers
  • Peter Mac Cancer Research Laboratories
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • St Peter's Eastern Hill
  • Tasma Terrace
  • The Hotel Windsor
  • The Johnston Collection - Fairhall House Museum
  • The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
  • Treasury Reserve Walking Tour
  • Urban Workshop
  • Artplay
  • Arts Centre Melbourne - Hamer Hall
  • Arts Centre Melbourne- Theatres Building
  • Arts Centre Melbourne-Sidney Myer Music Bowl
  • Australian Tapestry Workshop
  • Gardens House
  • La Trobe's Cottage
  • Malthouse Theatre
  • Melbourne Recital Centre
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Rod Laver Arena
  • Royal Botanic Gardens - Melbourne Observatory
  • Royal Botanic Gardens - Plant Craft Cottage
  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Triptych
  • Victoria Police Mounted Branch
  • Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Portable Iron Houses
  • South Melbourne Town Hall
  • 131 - 141 Queen Street
  • City of Melbourne - Art & Heritage Collection
  • City of Melbourne Bowls Club - Flagstaff Gardens
  • Commonwealth Law Courts
  • Denmark House
  • Hellenic Museum
  • InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto
  • JA Substation
  • Royal Historical Society of Victoria
  • Supreme Court of Victoria
  • Victoria Law School - Former Land Titles Office
  • Victoria Law School - Former Public Records Office
  • Central Pier Docklands
  • Convesso Concavo
  • Digital Harbour - 1010 LaTrobe & Innovation Building
  • Forte
  • Goods Shed North
  • Mission to Seafarers
  • Port of Melbourne - Boat Tours
  • Kangan Institute Automotive Centre of Excellence
  • Fitzroy High School
  • John Wardle Architects
  • Tattoo House
  • Edgewater Towers
  • Esplanade Vaults, St Kilda
  • Palais Theatre
  • Princes Pier
  • Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Link to the website with maps etc:

I know we mentioned a 'group tour' last time that never eventuated, are we going to try and organise something this time?

Oh, and post 1000 for me! :colgate:

Champagne Socialist
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im going in the ballot for all the ones you need to apply to see

Convesso will be interesting - no ANZ this year (even though you only see the ground floor half of which you can see any time anyway)

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Goes to show you can't lob everyone in a box.............Melbourne is individual ! That's good.... : )

Open House Melbourne
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HI Everyone,
Thanks for your interest in OHM 2012, keep the noise going as I do monitor your suggestions.
Now I'm going to use this as a blatant plug. You will note from last year's thread volunteering was the best way to avoid the queues. Even with 100 Buildings on program this year there will still be queues -so sign up for the head of queue pass.

You will also note only 97 of the buildings have been announced - there are 3 mystery buildings, so follow us and we will reveal all closer to the day.
Looking forward to seeing you all there on the weekend.
Sue - OHM program manager

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Hey Sue, thanks for the post and the update. Can SSC members get preference on being selected as volunteers? ;)

Looking forward to the event. For me, musts have got to be Block Arcade, Trades Hall, Supreme Court & MU Building.

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All volunteers will be selected as we need 800 this year.
I can't help with getting you building choices as a roster for 800 is a challenge. But do let me know who you would like to work with as we can pair you up.
Send all volunteer emails to [email protected].
Thanks Sue, this is great stuff

Could be good if we send applications to Sue directly and request a pair-up (Silver and Tayser, Qantas and Manila :wink:), would make the 4 hours pretty enjoyable if with another SSC devotee!

Will be volunteering - PM if you want to pair-up and what time/day?

Open House Melbourne
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HI All,

Please do register online first, then send the email of who you would like to be paired with.

RE: ANZ - they are going to try to be on the program every second year.
Plus with 100 buildings we have to start rotating some of them through the program, so no-one will get board. Especially if you can find me good new buildings to include for next year.


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Sue, I'd love to see inside some of the upper levels of the retail buildings on Bourke St Mall and Elizabeth St. There are some really beautiful old buildings along both strips that are (I assume) permanently closed off to the public.

Any of these that could provide access would potentially be fascinating. Not sure how feasible though if they just use to store stock or are not structurally sound to support groups of people all day.

Also, if ANZ get involved next year - access to Melbourne Safe Deposit building would be amazing too.
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