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Melbourne, up high from the corner of Spencer St / Collins St

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The other week I was saying at a friends apartment. I never thought I would enjoy staying in this part of Melbourne, but I found it quite livable and convenient. I must say, the night views from this apartment were to die for, so much activity, lights and life. Unfortunately I only have day shots for you.

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You were in a great position to check out all the latest developments in the city especially Docklands!!! No need to go atop Rialto.

It just amazes me the rapid progress that has been made in this section of town over the past few months.

Very brave that you were able to point your lens straight down, because i get edgy in fear that I could send the camera plummeting all the way down. It looks like the people waiting to cross Spencer St from Southern Cross Station are ready to cross in a formation.
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I had the camera strap wrapped around my neck.

Yes there are so many cranes in that area atm.
Excellent photos!!!!! The Melbourne Eye is coming along great and i love the rail yards, so European.
That was amazing...
You showed the real nitty-gritty industrial side of Melbourne which was just... Awesome!
Lol, it's funny seeing a tram from the top... such a contrast to what you see at ground level.

It's already amazing, but imagine those shots in 10 years...

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Oh my god. Melbourne really looks big and bad ass in those shots. Thank you.
Looks like you made the most of it: well done!
Great shots! It's always good to get a different angle, especially love the one looking down Collins St.
wow amazinggggg pics. thanx alottt!!
i just absolutely loved melbourne. its so different!!!!
Some great shots of the former arse end port area of the CBD
Awesome stuff.

The big bad hulking southern metropolis in all it's glory, love it.
Me too! Melbourne is Australia's Gotham City. Dark, moody and sexy.
great photos, ipggi, besides from the panorama, i like these two the best
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