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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

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Right then!

I think we can safely say that 2017 was a really strong year for the region with a lot of construction activity and a couple of big wins which came as nice early Christmas presents.

While not a Tory voter myself, Andy Street seems to have made a positive start and there can be absolutely no doubt that he is helping the region to win much-needed recognition from Westminster. Our new train service has begun to roll out its rebranded trains and the wheels are in motion for TfWM to gain more power in the coming years. On top of this we also made good progress with additional tram extensions in the Black Country and with the plans for Wolverhampton Interchange.

Birmingham getting the Commonwealth Games and Coventry winning City of Culture were big events, demonstrating how perceptions of the Midlands are changing. Much of the city centre in Birmingham is a moonscape at the moment with so much potential for revitalisation - this will also help to kill the 'concrete jungle' image.

On the negative side, Monarch going under was a kick in the nuts for BHX, but we must temper this with the fact that we had almost got used to seeing record monthly figures on a regular basis. Other airlines leaving hasn't been great either, but with a bit of luck all of the positive factors mentioned above will drag demand back up.

Anyway, it's genuinely been a year to feel positive. Thanks to all the forum members here and I hope your Christmas holidays are restful and that you get to spend time with your loved ones. If 2018 is as good as 2017 for our region I think we will all be well satisfied. Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas and best wishes to all for the new year.

I think the future is very positive for the region indeed and the games and hs2 should not be underestimated.

Bring on 2018....
Thanks Harborne!

Even before the announcement of the Commonwealth Games to have Moda & Exchange Sqaure 2 emerge in 2017 will bring huge quality to the skyline and with a few mentioning about 103 Colmore Row nearing a start, it will make for 3 exceptional quality towers which will transform our 100m+ skyline.

With HS2 receiving Royal assent, and the Commonwealth Games being confirmed, these towers need to be the bench-mark quality for the future, and all sign's point towards a lot of new activity in 2018.

Like yourself Harborne, have never been a traditional Red, but incredibly impressed by Andy Street. A man with a profile with high credibility, who devotes a huge amount of time and effort into meaningful promotion of the region.
I know every year we say "this is Birmingham's year" but I really think this is shaping up to be. Well, more than year, decade I suppose. And somewhere, someone behind the scenes is doing this intentionally.

We have:

- High Speed 2 starting construction
- An explosion of Midland Metro lines all brought forward
- Commonwealth Games
- Dozens of tall proposals
- Several worthy competitors to Brindleyplace
- Smithfield around the corner
- Comprehensive redevelopment of Digbeth, Broad Street and Bristol Street corridors

And potentially around the corner:

- Channel 4
- Bank of England

We have the redevelopment of Dudley Town Centre imminent. Wolverhampton exploding on two sides. Railway improvements on the horizon. Cannock designer village, UK Central, Touchwood, Merry Hill redevelopment, Walsall redevelopment - so much more than has happened in the previous decade or so.

I am a hardline Labour voter and could never see myself voting any other way because I thoroughly disagree with everything that the Conservatives stand for. But even I like Andy Street.

I don't think it matters what party the Mayor belongs to. The fact we have one of any form is enough, because it is his job to push things. And that's all we've ever needed, as a conurbation, is a little push. Someone to say "hey, speed the Metro along a bit will you?". Someone to stand up for us and say "it's OK to go for the Commonwealth Games." Someone to argue our case in government, because a few seconds in the Commons is not enough to get real local changes.

I like Andy. He seems a genuinely nice guy and he seems to really have our interests at hand. I get the feeling he is only associated with a party because he has to be.

But anyway. I really think this is Birmingham's era.
Merry Christmas Birmingham and fellow SSC'ers.

Here's to another big year :cheers:

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2017 has been a 'blinder' of a year for Birmingham and I hope it's not the 'peak' of the city centre boom because I've enjoyed the last twelve months so much, I want it to continue throughout 2018.

Happy Christmas everyone!!
Happy Christmas everyone

And hopin 2018 truly being the year of Birmingham
Merry Christmas to Greater Birmingham and the West Midlands and all who sail in her. Villa, Blues, Yam-yams, Coventrians, Silhilliians... this is our time. And along with all the exciting developments mentioned above, good luck to Steven Knight, his film studios and Peaky Blinders the movie.
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Merry Christmas everyone :cheers:
Merry Christmas everyone and I would like to echo others sentiments... here’s to an exciting 2018 for our mighty fine city. :cheers:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all here on SSC and the good people of the Greater Birmingham-Black Country Conurbation, Coventry and the surrounding areas including my current Home Tamworth.
Have a great day everyone.
Just to thank all the regular contributors, particularly the photographers, for keeping this exile in Edinburgh in touch with my beloved Brum.
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Well great xmas and happy new year. Heres to a dynamic 2018 for the city and region
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