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A good story!
Doctor at KFH recovers from coronavirus

He took a lot of honey, dates, black cumin,
and anise in addition to drinking Zamzam water.

Dr. Emad Al-Deen Alem recuperating from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).​
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

JEDDAH – A Saudi doctor working for King Fahd General Hospital has recovered from coronavirus, which he contracted while performing an operation on a patient.

Dr. Emad Al-Deen Alem, urologist and head of Urology Department, said he had the disease while he was in the operating room performing a nephrectomy. The patient condition deteriorated three days after the operation. The tests showed that she had coronavirus infection.

“After a week, I had the same symptoms – fever, cough, and fatigue. I took some antibiotics but they did not work. I underwent a chest X-ray and the results came out positive – I had pneumonia. It was persistent.”

Dr. Alem was taken to the isolation room and had to stay there for a week until he completely recovered.

He said he took a lot of honey, dates, black cumin, and anise in addition to drinking Zamzam water.

He called upon the general public to take precautionary measures everywhere they go, especially public places like malls, mosques, schools, etc. Those who have cold or cough should stay at home and do not go out. They also wear masks to curb infections.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Health Affairs has launched an extensive awareness campaign to educate the public about coronavirus. The campaign started last week and targeted all healthcare professionals.

The next week the campaign will focus on the public and educate them about how to deal with and prevent coronavirus infections. It will continue for two months.

Number of Coronavirus cases in KSA:

449 and 121 cases passed away

May Allah have mercy upon them.

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