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Metro Cebú Expressway

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70KM Expressway (Danao to Naga)


DPWH Sec. Mark Villar presents the Metro Cebu Expressway, a decongestion act that will start in 2018 #BUILDBUILDBUILD. #Dutertenomics #DOTr

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Project: Metro Cebu Expressway
Cost: 27 billion pesos
Time Frame: 2018-2022

This six-lane expressway, which will be implemented in three parts, will snake through the countryside with tunnel and overpass components.

The first to be implemented will be the Danao component, as this will reportedly be the simplest and fastest to construct.

Studies for all phases of the expressway project have been completed and are on the advanced stages of implementation according to RDC-7 Chairman Kenneth Cobonpue.
Starts at 9:40 of the video.

Completion date is 2022.
Approximately 70 km, going from Danao to Naga
Surveying for road right of way is ongoing
Funding to begin next year

Ngayon ko lang nalaman na Kenneth Cobonpue is now with the government, doing this. That's good for him and for the government. Soon future projects should really be aesthetically nice.
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Isn't this just part of the Transaxial highway?
^^I think it's not, The proposed trans axial highway is just only four-lane.:)
this is really very exciting project for cebu ^^
This is great news for Cebu... stayed in Cebu for a 2-day vacation last weekend and I feel that Cebu is in dire need of a highway, a wider road as the city is choking in traffic with its narrow roads... it need this kind of infra to catch up with its urbanization
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Works for Metro Cebu Expressway to start next year – DPWH chief

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar says implementation of a P50 billion Metro Cebu Expressway project will start next year.

In an interview on Wednesday morning, Villar said the Metro Cebu Expressway will be the biggest ever infrastructure project in the history of Cebu.

He said project has already undergone studies and they’re now working on its detailed surveys.

The Metro Cebu Expressway spans 74 kilometers from Naga City in the south to Danao City in the north,” he said.

The project will be divided in three phases and should be finished before the term of President Duterte ends in 2022.

Once the project is finished, Villar says that travel time from Naga City to Danao City will only take one hour.

“We’ve been working on this in the past year,” he said.
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P50-billion expressway to start in 2018: DPWH

THE Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) yesterday announced that the construction of the P50-billion Metro Cebu Expressway will start next year.

Other infrastructure projects set to be implemented are the construction of two channels, which will start this year, at the corner of N. Bacalso Ave. and F. Llamas St. in Cebu City at a cost of P750 million and on UN Ave. corner Plaridel St., Mandaue City for P1 billion.

The DPWH recently conducted the public bidding for the construction of two channels. In a press conference, DPWH Secretary Mark Villar told Cebu media that the expressway project was proposed by Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Lloyd Dino to solve the worsening traffic problem in Cebu.

Villar said that he spoke with Dino about the expressway project, which is already in advanced planning, and it will be funded by the DPWH under its budget for 2018.

Villar said that the expressway project will have expanded roads, new roads and tunnels in certain areas.

He said that there were surveys conducted from Naga City to Danao City, where the expressway will be constructed, to ensure continuity of its implementation.

“We can expect that within the term of President Duterte, this expressway will be completed,” Villar said. “The Metro Cebu Expressway is part of President Duterte’s master plan for a golden age of infrastructure,” he added.

Villar thanked Dino for consistently pushing for the implementation of the expressway. For his part, Dino said the project will “help traffic congestion in Metro Cebu.”

The Palace official said that the project has been enrolled in the Duterte administration’s #BuildBuildBuild programs of the DPWH and the Department of Transportation.

Dino said that “traveling from Naga to Danao nowadays will take several hours, but with the expressway, the travel time will be cut by more than half.”

The expressway project has the support of businessman Kenneth Cobonpue, chairperson of the Regional Development Council 7.

Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Melanie Ng also said that the expressway will have a big impact on Metro Cebu’s economy.
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The photo they were showing is actually a stock photo from Shuttershock. lols
Isn't this just the portion of the Cebu Trans-Axial Expressway in Metro Cebu? Similar to Japan's Shin Tomei Expressway?
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Tuesday, May 09, 2017 By JEANDIE O. GALOLO WITH public infrastructure leading the way for future developments, the planned P50-billion Metro Cebu Expressway that will connect the cities of Naga in the south and Danao up north is expected to augment trade and commerce in Cebu. Improved farm-to-market roads, better access to tourist destinations, job opportunities, and housing opportunities for both developers and homebuyers are what this new expressway will bring to the less developed areas in the province, said Cebu’s business leaders. At the 888 News Forum at the Marco Polo Plaza yesterday, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) president Melanie Ng said the 74-kilometer road project will present business and investment opportunities in the province. “This will greatly improve farm-to-market roads and as such it will help economic development in the province and improve the attractiveness of Cebu,” said Ng. Now that traffic is an everyday problem for Cebuanos and visitors alike, Ng said the project is one traffic solution that the business community has been eagerly waiting for. Infrastructure, she said, is needed to support economic development in Cebu. Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar said the Metro Cebu Expressway is the biggest project so far in the history of Cebu, and this will be finished before the term of President Rodrigo Duterte ends in 2022. Once it’s completed, the official said, travel time from Naga to Danao will only take one hour. Likewise, National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) 7 Director Efren Carreon recently noted the Duterte administration’s Build, Build, Build program. “The Duterte administration’s policy to prioritize major infrastructure projects is expected to spur public sector investments in the region (Central Visayas),” said Carreon. Among the big-ticket projects in the pipeline include the New Cebu International Container Port and the Cebu-Cordova Expressway. Anthony Leuterio, president of the Allied Chamber of Real Estate Brokers and Licensed Salesmen (PhilAcre) and founder of property listing site Filipino Homes, said the realization of the Metro Cebu Expressway will translate to developments outside the key cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, and Talisay. For instance, he said, Naga, Danao, and adjacent towns can expect a surge in property prices in a few years, as well as housing projects in the area. With more residential and commercial presence in these areas, the Duterte administration’s thrust of rural development is already at play. “Infrastructure is a multiplier. Once the government builds roads and similar infrastructure projects, everything will follow,” said Leuterio. Incoming projects Cebu Landmasters Inc. has pledged to build 3,200 houses in Naga through its Casa Mira South subdivision project. Of the number, 400 of these houses are to be completed by December this year. But even prior to the Metro Cebu Expressway, developments in southern Metro Cebu are underway. The biggest so far is the 100-hectare reclamation project in the town of Minglanilla, the municipality before the City of Naga. The project is a public-private partnership between the municipality, Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), and Ming-Mori Development Corp. (MMDC), and is awaiting the Enviromental Compliance Certificate (ECC) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on May 10, 2017.

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Looking at Cebu's density I am guessing na baka elevated ang Cebu segment at at-grade ang Naga and Danao segments?

Just look at how WIIIIDE that elevated shoulder lane is

Just look at how WIIIIDE that elevated shoulder lane is
The shoulder is wider than the Skyway hillsborough-south station segment NB+SB combined!:bash:
From JICA Study

Metro Cebu Coastal Expressway

5.43 The proposed Metro Cebu Coastal Expressway will be an elevated toll road possibly from Danao through Metro Cebu North-South Coastal Road to Carcar using the existing road ROW, 79 km long in total. This road will be
constructed at congested road sections even after all the proposed short- to medium-term road projects are implemented. It is difficult to identify the exact road sections during the distant future planning period (2031–2050). This project will apply the PPP scheme and DPWH will be the implementing agency.

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The Cebu Provincial Development Council meet for the first time this year to discuss on various developments, including the proposed Metro Cebu Expressway which traverses from the City of Naga to Danao City./
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