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MEXICO CITY | Puerta Reforma | 170m | Demo

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Puerta Reforma, ecological building, Mexico City

Demolishing the building that is now in the construction area

sigue en su camino hacia abajo la Torre Tecalli
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Very nice building!!!
The best thing about this project is that it's replacing an eyesore. Really good design.
muy excelente!
Thanks, I will try to translate the information about this project... it's a very interesting design! and the ecological design is very important for this city
Hey! the tilte is WRONG... it must say DEMO... not PRO... 'cause they are demolishing the building in the construction area!
O wow! Looks Amazing! GREAT for DF! I think itll really look great!
Es bien!
Looks amazing :)
asquerosa...lo siento....como tu dices no me gusta por alla , no me gustan sus ciudades.....respeta mi punto de vista!!!....ok!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news!

What is the actual location of this building? I can`t figure it out.
Great news!

What is the actual location of this building? I can`t figure it out.
Hmm at the beginning of Paseo de la Reforma, near Chapultepec and Polanco
I think Torre Tecalli is already demolished, but the construction has not started.
Newer Renders:

Vámonos recios.

Sources say that new height could reach 318m, making it Mexico's and Latin America's tallest building.
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1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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