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Mexico's endless and beautiful coast...

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With thousands of miles of coastline, Mexico offers everything one could want in the way of ocean-living, relaxing and exploring.




Costa Maya



Between Tijuana and Ensenada on the transpeninsular highway.

By la Paz Baja Sur.

Sayulita Nay

Kino Bay Sonora

Mangroves Kino bay


Puerto Escondido Oax

Puerto Angel


Concepcion Bay

San Luis Gonzaga bay



Cabo San Lucas

Punta Mita Nay

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for those admiring the pictures, don't just look at the beaches, be in those beaches!:)

Mexico is just a few hours away in car from the U.S. It's new Autopistas de Quota (Toll Highways) are safe and have emergency services. Also, food and drinks are cheaper there. the drinking age is 18 and the nightlife is crakin.;)

Seriously, if I did not have school all the time, I would go there at least four times a year.
:cheers: from Mexico
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